FireEye to Focus on Security Solutions at GITEX 2016

Arabian Reseller speaks to Mohammed Abukhater, the Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa at FireEye, about their participation at GITEX Technology Week 2016

Are you participating at GITEX Technology Week this year?
Yes, we are pleased to announce that this year, we will be participating at GITEX Technology Week once again, showcasing our industry-leading solutions for data center security, industrial systems and critical infrastructure security. We will also highlight enterprise network security, endpoint and mobility security for small and midsize businesses.

What are your plans for the event this year?
At GITEX, FireEye will introduce customers to the essential tools they need to effectively combat advanced cyber threats, data breaches and zero-day attacks, besides continuously assess signs of compromise and response. FireEye will present critical adaptive defense strategies that organizations can adopt to safeguard themselves against targeted cyberattacks.

We’ll also highlight the benefits of FireEye as a Service, which we’re proud to say, is an industry leading platform. FireEye as a service allows organizations to implement flexible defence mechanisms to meet the demands of the evolving threat landscape by giving them absolute control over managing their own security infrastructure and operations with FireEye as a partner.

What is your theme going to be for GITEX Technology Week?
In a new era of cyberthreats, the key to an effective defense strategy is relying on intelligence-led security. At GITEX Technology Week, our theme is centred on three key pillars: intelligence, innovation and the provision of cybersecurity as a service.

What technology and market trends have you seen this year in the Middle East market?
With threats now coming from multiple vectors such as the web, email, electronic file, mobile and others, it’s inevitable that you will become a target. The concentration of wealth and assets in the region, across multiple sectors, has also made GCC countries a ripe target. We’ve seen an increase in malware with services such as cloud, mobile, endpoint and infrastructure.

With these in mind, security becomes an important topic to be addressed. By blending technology, expertise and intelligence, FireEye Adaptive Defence detects cyberthreats that bypass traditional signature-based security tools. Being agile and flexible, it analyses network traffic, files and endpoint activity and stops complex attacks before they cause lasting damage.

Will you be launching any new products or solutions at GITEX this year?
At GITEX, we will showcase our portfolio of solutions that encompass the intelligence-led FireEye as a Service platform. With FireEye as a Service, we focus on threat validation and proactive analyst-driven hunting for signs of compromise.

Using FireEye investigation technologies like Enterprise zithromax online pharmacy Forensics, Threat Analytics Platform and Endpoint Security, we can retrieve and analyze data from an organization’s network traffic recordings, security device logs, and every endpoint in the operational environment. We then compile evidence, build a timeline of events, and apply our experience and knowledge about threat actor behaviour to track attackers.

Customers will also benefit from the FireEye Threat Intelligence Engine that powers and leverages the company’s threat prevention products and service offerings. Our FireEye iSIGHT Intelligence optimizes the intelligence production cycle: capturing, processing, analyzing and delivering intelligence to FireEye customers and analysts.

Complementing this is the new Forward Deployed Analyst service, a tailored offering that provides access to the FireEye iSIGHT Intelligence Engine through in-house analysts that contextualize cyber threats. It correlates data with FireEye’s intelligence, thus providing tactical, operational and strategic findings to the customer.

What sort of channel engagements have you planned for GITEX?
FireEye is dedicated to its channel community and believes that partners and distributors are an extension of the FireEye team in the region. Based on that, FireEye will be present at GITEX Technology Week with key partners and distributors during the event.

Will you be recruiting new channel partners? If yes, for which markets?
In our continuous efforts to do more with less and to grow strategic partnerships, FireEye MENA is currently focusing on its existing expansive network of channel partners and will not be recruiting new partners in 2016. Since we operate in a dynamic region, we will expand a select number of strategic partnerships that meet the region’s evolving requirements based on mutual value add and win-win partnerships.

How does GITEX Technology Week fit into your overall regional strategies?
Apart from giving us the opportunity to showcase our services and solutions to the public, GITEX also allows us to network with key industry players and keep abreast of trends and developments in the region which will play a vital part in driving the information security market.

GITEX, as the region’s biggest technology event, represents the ideal platform to demonstrate how customers can protect themselves in a new era of cyberthreats. Cyberwarfare has escalated in recent years, in terms of intensity and frequency, with the Middle East being affected by this phenomenon as well. Bringing together the biggest IT players and decision-makers in the region and the world, not to mention representatives from key verticals such as banking, infrastructure, healthcare, aviation and oil & gas, GITEX gives us the opportunity to educate our partners and customers from across these verticals on the need for effective security measures.

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