Sony Announces Signature Series Product Range

Celebrating its 70th anniversary in audio heritage, Sony unveiled its Signature Series that showcases the company’s engineering excellence in audio especially made for ultimate sound experience. The Signature Series has the high-resolution audio capability and innovative convergence of superior analog and digital technologies. All Signature Series products are based on the newly standardized φ4.4mm balanced connection.

The MDR-Z1R Hi-Res Audio stereo headphones have a wide frequency range that gives the luxury of a natural and open soundstage with up to 120kHz playback in High Resolution Audio. The 70mm HD driver unit increases the sound space to create natural sounds with controlled airflow and flat plane waves. The MDR-Z1R is packed with the new Fibonacci-patterned grill inspired by the Fibonacci sequence in nature. Its equalized opening further ensures minimal sound coloration and faithful reproduction of High Resolution Audio sources.

Owing to the Resonance-Free Housing for elimination of unnecessary resonance, the sound has real atmosphere and fine detail, making it perfect for late nights in the library. From the genuine leather, ergonomic ear pads and lightweight beta titanium headband, to the stainless-steel wire mesh housing protector, this exquisite product exhibits high-class luxury in every component.

The iconic Walkman is revamped for the ultimate sound quality with the flagship WM1 series, including NW-WM1Z and NW-WM1A, Walkman Hi-Res Audio player. These digital music players can play any music file from the High-Resolution Audio end of the scale to low quality mp3, including support for DSD Native format (11.2MHz).

The DSEE HX technology, equips the new music players with five modes to select from (Standard, Female Vocal, Male Vocal, Percussion or Strings). This technology means it can carefully upscale lower bit rate files to near High Resolution Audio quality. The new Walkman models can also deliver music with purity, precision and a natural acoustic balance. The WM1Z has a gold-plated oxygen-free copper chassis showcasing Sony’s excellence in engineering.

The music player has a variety of modes with easy-to-use menu along with optimized audio line and clock control for laidback listening. Furthermore, the cable used inside the WM1Z from the amp to the headphone jack is a four-wire braided cable engineered with Kimber Kable that helps to achieve the richly expressive and refined audio quality. This iconic product also has the much-needed wireless features of Bluetooth and LDAC so that can play audio files from multiple sources without the worry of tangled cables.

A newly developed FT CAP (High polymer capacitor) has been built into the power supply of the amp section for approximately four times higher output power than the current NW-ZX2 to drive any headphones. Expansive transparency of vocals and instruments are also improved to achieve deep, powerful bass notes.

For those who prefer a sleek and aluminium finish on the chassis, there is also the NW-WM1A that gives low chassis resistance for clear and powerful bass notes. A special oxygen-free copper cable is used as the wiring material from the amp to the headphone jack for a powerful sound quality.

The TA-ZH1ES Hi-Res Audio headphone amplifier delivers the superior sound of High Resolution Audio (Up to DSD 22.4MHz/PCM 768kHz/32bit) for a truly musical home listening experience. The D.A. Hybrid Amplifier Circuit gives the combination of Sony’s full digital amplifier S-Master HXTM together with analog amplifier, and preserves the fine detail sound of S-Master HXTM and low distortion sound with the support of analog amplifier.

The newly developed Frame/Beam/Wall (FBW) chassis combines Wall structure with the familiar FB chassis that has been cultivated in the ES series, and helps suppress unnecessary vibration. For preserving the feeling of original sound, the ZH1ES has new DSEE HX and DSD Remastering Engine which converts PCM source to DSD 11.2MHz. The new Z1R headphones and WM1Z/WM1A is compatible with other models as well.

The cables MUC-B20SB1, MUC-S12SB1, and MUC-M12SB1 are able to connect various Sony Hi-Res Audio headphones with the latest 4.4mm Balanced Connection headphone amplifier TA-ZH1ES and Hi-Res Audio player NW-WM1.

With an 8-wire braided structure, the cables achieve excellent sound quality with higher clarity, lower external noise, minimized crosstalk and optimal electrical parameters. Gold-plated plugs with high corrosion resistance are used, and the aluminium alloy grips with better robustness and its acoustic characteristics reduce unwanted vibrations.

The headphone-side plugs have screw-type lock rings, which enable stable and secure connections. The Balanced Standard Plug is plated with a non-magnetic material, which prevents magnetically induced noise and is exceptionally durable.

The Signature Series headphones and Walkman models, cable accessories and headphone amplifier are available at Sony Store in The Dubai Mall.

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