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A2iA Launches New Versions of its Server-Based Recognition Engines

A2iA a provider and developer of artificial intelligence and machine-learning based software for the worldwide data capture, document processing, and payment systems markets, today announced new versions of its core recognition engines for server-based workflows. The new versions of its solutions include a2ia TextReader, a2ia DocumentReader, a2ia FieldReader, a2ia CheckReader and a2ia XE.

Trusted by the largest financial institutions, corporations and governments, A2iA’s SDKs are scalable and flexible, designed to address specific documents and workflows from around the world, ensuring high accuracy levels and increased straight-through processing. Each of the software toolkits is brought to market through the company’s in-house research laboratory, one of the world’s largest private research centers of its kind.

a2ia TextReader V6.0 is the first toolkit on the market able to recognize full printed and cursive handwritten text without a dictionary. Powered by RNN technology, its footprint supports English, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese and Russian, and now includes:

  • Full text transcription for Korean printed and handwritten documents.
  • Full text transcription for Japanese printed and handwritten documents.
  • Support for Windows 2016.

a2ia CheckReader V10.0 is the global standard for advanced image analysis and payment document recognition. The SDK is deployed in more than 42 countries and includes new support for:

  • Checks from Morocco and amounts in digits on Moroccan forms.
  • New features for recognition on checks for: Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand.
  • Savings bonds from Italy.
  • Support for Windows 2016.

a2ia XE V2.0, a check and payment processing SDK powered by RNN technology, brings about significantly higher levels of accuracy as compared to other industry offerings. Supporting checks from the USA, France and the UK, the toolkit now supports:

  • Checks from Turkey, Argentina, Paraguay, Ivory Coast and Guatemala.
  • Support for Windows 2016.

a2ia DocumentReader V9.0, a toolkit that powers advanced, transaction-level classification and keyfield extraction from structured and unstructured documents, currently supports documents from France, UK, USA, and Germany. a2ia FieldReader V8.0 is also a configurable SDK that locates and captures data from semi-structured documents and forms, and can now also support amounts in digits on Moroccan forms.

A2iA’s SDKs are dedicated to providing image analysis, data extraction and workflow automation capabilities, and are available for integration into end-to-end partner applications and service bureau operations.

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