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A10 Networks has today broadened its portfolio of enterprise solutions by introducing the Secure Web Gateway featuring the SSL Insight solution, available on the Thunder CFW platform. This solution empowers enterprise customers with defenses against the modern web threat landscape, as well as providing advanced performance features to help scale for demanding SaaS workloads and compliance requirements.

A10’s new Secure Web Gateway augments controlled and secure access for enterprise users. It enables enterprises to enforce policies for who accesses what, how and when, in order to help protect them from malicious intent and to better ensure enterprises are compliant at all times.

A10’s Secure Web Gateway Solution featuring the SSL Insight® solution provides bidirectional SSL Visibility by offloading resource-intensive SSL/TLS encrypted traffic with almost twice the throughput compared to similar competing offerings for security infrastructure. It provides an innovative “Secured Decrypt Zone” which enables an advanced decrypt once and inspect multiple times capability, unlike other solutions. It also features ICAP functionality which can send decrypted traffic to multiple ICAP enabled security devices simultaneously.

A10’s subscription offerings further enhance the enterprise security by providing proactive and up-to-date preventive and protective services that include on-the-box malware detection, IP-reputation, URL filtering as well as URL Bypass for bypassing traffic from decryption for compliance. A10’s AppCentric templates make deployment, configuration, and troubleshooting extremely easy, also offering rich analytics and intuitive dashboards.

A10’s Secure Web Gateway Solution can help enterprise scale for massive sessions and traffic handling generated by business-critical cloud applications, such as Microsoft Office 365 and Google Suite. Cloud application traffic can intelligently be classified and routed to a dedicated uplink such as Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute. The SSL Insight tool can perform header insertion for additional security through tenant access control.

  •  A10’s Secure Web Gateway Solution featuring SSL Insight features:
    • User Authentication and Access Control
      • Comprehensive access control for users and applications while accessing the web with full logging capability
  • Bidirectional SSL visibility
    • Full visibility into bidirectional encrypted traffic across all ports and full proxy architecture with the ability to re-negotiate ciphers
  • Dedicated 3rd Generation SSL Processors
    • Option for dedicated SSL processors for hardware assist in SSL inspection available on select models – intensive ECC/PFS
  • ICAP Support
    • ICAP helps leverage existing ICAP enabled security infrastructure
  • L7 Traffic Steering
    • Intelligently classify and route traffic to multiple uplinks
  • Header Insertion
    • Enhanced security and compliance through tenant access control
  • AppCentric Templates
    • Wizard-based deployment, configuration, and troubleshooting. Rich analytics and intuitive dashboards.
  •  A10’s Secure Web Gateway Solution featuring SSL Insight® available optional services:
    • A10 Malware Detection Service
      • On the Box malware detection at networks perimeter, powered by Cylance
  • A10 IP Threat Intelligence Service
    • Prevents malicious traffic from entering your network, based on customizable risk score and tolerance
  • A10 Application Firewall with Signature Detection Service
    • Identifications for thousands of applications and protocols with support for custom rules that run real-time
  • A10 URL Filtering with Bypass Service
    • Classified list of URLs for preventive security and traffic bypassing for compliance
  • A10 Threat Investigator Service
    • Rich and contextual analytics for the object under investigation

A10’s Secure Web Gateway Solution with the SSL Insight solution is available now on Thunder CFW.

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