Computex to Showcase Smart Manufacturing and Industrial IoT Ecosystem Solutions

Asia’s leading B2B ICT Tradeshow, COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2018 will be held in Taipei from June 5 to 9, 2018. One of the co-organizers, the Taipei Computer Association (TCA), stated on April 17 that the widespread demand for smart manufacturing has led to the adoption of Industry 4.0, industrial Internet, and ERP systems.

COMPUTEX will showcase a diverse range of embedded system products, as well as industrial IoT devices supporting different communication protocols; provide customized design services for automated control, and production data collection analysis across different plant equipment. The global IoT market in manufacturing is expected to reach USD 350.51 Billion by 2023.

According to the latest research by ResearchAndMarkets, the 2017 global Industrial IoT market was valued at $165.27 billion and is expected to reach $350.51 billion by 2023. The projected CAGR during the forecast period of 2018-2023 is 13.15%. The scope of the report includes the spending on IoT hardware, software, and services, by the manufacturing industry.

Currently, most IoT devices use proprietary systems which they can use to establish dominance in the field by increasing switching costs. Global standards or systems agnostic approaches might exist in the future but for now proprietary systems, including data formats are the norm. Combined with the difficult upgrading process, IoT devices become more vulnerable to cyber-attacks than conventional devices as physical and systemic vulnerabilities can be exploited easier with no 3rd party applications to help secure the device.

Data collection and analysis through IoT devices is a market worth billions of dollars by itself so the global standard might not exist soon. Of course, the market trend may change after Microsoft just announced their custom Linux kernel for IoT services. With such a high-value market, steps to increase security will be necessary. When device security becomes difficult, some companies decided to offer a connection security solution; ensuring a safe connection from the device to the network, cloud, or other devices.

This endeavour is not only taken by cybersecurity companies, but also by network focused and several other companies. Improving cost and operational efficiency drives the market. The primary value that IoT generates is a result of the data captured from ‘Connected’ objects and the resulting insights drive business and operational transformations. Data that is analyzed to trigger transactions and business administrative activities come from Machine-to-Machine data, devices, and sensors.

It helps companies understand and utilize IoT data available to them and from the data, focus on improving business operations to reduce maintenance costs and avoid equipment failures. With the emergence of Big Data technologies, collecting, storing, and analyzing data from industrial sensors, network logs, and other machinery connected to IoT has become more feasible, increasing the rate at which these processes are being adopted. Data-driven companies are already using IoT generated data, feeding them into their existing analytical pipeline and improving operational management and efficiencies, also reducing costs.

During COMPUTEX, exhibitors including TSC, iBASE, Yuan, LEX COMPUTECH, Jetway, Unitech, C&T Solution, Cincoze, MSI, Litemax, APLEX, Cervoz, Neousys, Jet One, Micromax COMMELL, DFI, MCT, AEWIN, Acrosser, and other exhibitors will exhibit many types of embedded systems, industrial PC motherboards, automatic control module, industrial the communication module, industrial display modules, industrial cameras, industrial-grade flash memory, industrial-grade memory modules, and peripherals for industrial control.

These products are offered to meet the needs of global system integrators, enterprise software companies, telecom operators, and cloud service solution providers. To pre-register for COMPUTEX 2018, click here.

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