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Humtap Expands into Arabic and Middle Eastern Music Generation

Humtap, a music generation Artificial Intelligence (AI) startup, is expanding into creating Arabic and Middle Eastern music – a pioneering achievement in the field. Speaking on sidelines of the Gulf Information Security Expo & Conference (GISEC) and the Internet of Things Expo (IoTX) – two events being held at Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) under the Future Technology Week banner – Tamer Rashad, Founder and CEO of Humtap, revealed the ambitious start-up is homing in on regional users at a dedicated AI Conference.

“We created Humtap because we believe everyone is creative and enjoys connecting with others through user-generated content,” said Rashad. “All of us are blessed with an expressive voice and we want to empower our users – in any corner of the world – to express themselves and connect with others by providing a seamless, intuitive and ultimately creative experience.

With the Arab world counting some of the global leaders in internet-ready mobile phone penetration per capita, Rashad believes regional users will flock the Humtap platform, which has a partnership with Universal Music Group’s (UMG) famous Abbey Road Red incubation program.

“By understanding the minds of music composers and producers through A.I., we turn your expressive voice into any music. We are very excited by the opportunities that will be created when we apply our technology to compose Arabic and Middle Eastern music,” added Rashad.

Humtap also recently launched the latest version of its app and is committed to adding new music styles every week; styles inspired by legendary artists from divergent genres, such as Drake, David Guetta, Travis Scott, Calvin Harris, Depeche Mode and Metallica.

Industry veteran Ty Roberts, former CTO of UMG, stated: “Humtap enables a new class of composers to create music and empowers existing recording artists to better leverage their repertoire by enabling new forms of collaboration – we are bringing new models of monetization for record labels and publishers.”

The Humtap team collaborates with the global music industry via its strategic bases in San Francisco, London, Berlin, and Dubai. Their technological lead, reinforced by the scale of their vision, presents a unique opportunity for the music industry as a whole to become a more significant part of the social media experience.

Beyond creating music, Humtap will offer users a music network and social experience, enabling everyone to connect and interact with one another through music. “Welcome to a future where anyone can produce music quickly and easily through an innovative AI-assisted composition,” added Rashad. Humtap can be downloaded from the Apple App Store, or by visiting

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