FVC Wants to Drive Growth Through Increased Partner Engagement

Arabian Reseller caught up with Sanjay Ahuja, the CEO of FVC, on the sidelines of GISEC 2018, to learn more about the company’s plans for this year

How has the threat landscape evolved over the years?
Cyber criminals have gone smarter and more aggressive over the years. They have widened their target base, and their attacks have become more sophisticated, complex and unpredictable.

The motivation for these attacks, however, continue to be financial gains, and this is apparent with the number of ransomware attacks like WannaCry and Petya, and data breaches. We have also started to witness cryptocurrency related hackings, signaling new threats across verticals.

With the increased security attacks in this region, what can companies do to mitigate risks?
Businesses in the Middle East are no longer immune to security threats and hacking incidences. This has been made clear from the recent cyber-attacks we have witnessed in key industry verticals. Following are the basic steps that companies need to take to keep security threats at bay.

  • Managing risks is getting tougher with the increased complexity in cyberattacks. Companies need to first access their operational risks, and classify their most valuable assets, like data, financial records, operation technology, etc.
  • Implement effective security systems like sandboxing, firewalls, and advanced security solutions depending on the value and importance of the asset.
  • Being vigilant and informed of the cyber threats and their vulnerabilities and take measures to ensure that their networks and systems are not at risk of being exposed.
  • Educate all employees on their important role when it comes to exposing the organization to a potential cyber threat. Security begins at home, and employees play the most important part in keeping the business secure
  • Limit or restrict access to data, premises, and processes to authorized personnel or have layered security in place.
  • Have strong governance and reporting structures within the organization

How important is an event such as GISEC for the region?
Cyber-attackers know no boundaries, this is apparent as some large businesses in the Middle East have faced the brunt of cyber-attacks in recent months. These instances have highlighted the need for heightened security measures and strategies and increased vigilance across all industry sectors. GISEC provides security players with a dedicated platform to showcase their solutions to targeted decision-makers and stakeholders to help customers identify and address their security challenges.

What does FVC expect from its first ever participation at the event?
In keeping with current market demands, FVC has a singular vision to expand and strengthen our security portfolio and provide our partners with complementing solutions across the board. GISEC gives us access to a focused security vendor and partner community, and a dedicated platform to amplify our commitment to our stakeholders. We are looking forward to meeting new security vendors to forge new partnerships, as well as showcase our current security portfolio.

What milestones do you plan to achieve this year? Do you plan to appoint new channel partners this year?
We are focused primarily on strengthening and expanding FVC’s channel breadth and depth with its respective OEMs and streamlining overall operations across business units including sales, services, finance, human resources, administration, marketing, supply chain management (SCM) and other support functions.

Do you plan to expand your regional footprint this year?
FVC already has a presence across 50 countries in the Middle East and Africa region. We aim to drive FVC’s growth via increased partner engagement and by providing market-leading end-to-end solutions that deliver optimum, cost-efficient performance for FVC’s customers.

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