Pure Storage Launches New Enterprise Solutions

Pure Storage has announced new enterprise storage solutions. First off is its second AI-Ready Infrastructure offering, AIRI Mini, powered by NVIDIA. Architected by Pure Storage and NVIDIA, AIRI is purpose-built to enable data architects, scientists and business leaders to extend the power of the NVIDIA DGX-1 system. With AIRI Mini, organizations of all sizes and budgets can implement a simple, powerful solution to build competitive advantage through AI at a price point that’s accessible for virtually any organization in any industry.

AI represents an unprecedented opportunity for organizations to improve operations, deliver better customer experiences, and drive business performance through data-driven initiatives. According to a recent MIT Technology Review study, 82 percent of business and IT leaders believe AI is poised to have a positive impact on their industry. AIRI Mini offers a way for organizations to get started and scales easily as their AI initiatives grow.

“The vast majority of business leaders understand the incredible opportunity presented by AI. Yet implementation complexities often hold their AI initiatives back from moving forward.” said Matt Burr, GM of FlashBlade, Pure Storage. “While AIRI simplifies AI infrastructure for initiatives at any scale, AIRI Mini offers a powerful and affordable entry point for organizations to explore and scale as they grow into AI. AIRI Mini removes the final barriers for any organization to leverage AI, and scales as AI workloads grow.”

AIRI Mini is powered by one Pure Storage FlashBlade, the industry’s first storage platform architected for modern analytics and AI, configured with 7x 17TB blades, and two NVIDIA DGX-1 servers, delivering two petaFLOPS of deep learning performance. These systems are interconnected with 100GbE switches, supporting GPUDirect RDMA for maximum distributed training performance. AIRI also leverages the NVIDIA GPU Cloud deep learning software stack for maximum GPU performance, and the Pure Storage AIRI Scaling Toolkit, optimized for multi-node training with DGX-1 and FlashBlade. With this integrated stack, data scientists can jumpstart their AI initiatives in hours, not weeks or months.

The company has also expanded its FlashArray product line, to now deliver cost-effective all-NVMe Shared Accelerated Storage for every workload. The new FlashArray//X family makes everything faster – databases, virtualized and containerized environments, test/dev initiatives and web-scale applications – at no additional cost over FlashArray//M, based on effective capacity.

The all-NVMe FlashArray//X family features five configurations, from the NVMe-ready //X10 for small application deployments to the all-NVMe //X90, Pure’s densest, fastest FlashArray to-date. FlashArray//X represents a new generation of Shared Accelerated Storage solutions, a generation powered by NVMe and NVMe-oF, with the potential to unite SAN and DAS into a single, consolidated, shared and fundamentally more efficient data-centric architecture.

With up to 3PBs of effective capacity in just 6U, the //X90 delivers latency as low as 250 µs and offers up to a 2X performance improvement over the market-defining FlashArray//M all-flash array (AFA). An updated version of the born-for-flash Purity Operating Environment, version 5.1, is available as a non-disruptive upgrade for all FlashArray//M and FlashArray//X customers and features up to 20 percent better data reduction, further reducing the number of storage customers need to buy and manage

In addition,  Pure Storage also announced significant updates to the Evergreen Storage program pioneered by Pure. Starting immediately, customers can subscribe to the Pure Evergreen Storage Service (ES2) for pay-per-use on-premises storage, as well as new Evergreen Gold and Silver benefits that extend the life of Pure’s existing Right-Size Guarantee with any capacity expansion – indefinitely.

Evergreen Storage Service applies a cloud-like approach to on-premises storage that eliminates the need for forklift technology rebuys and planned downtime. With ES2, organizations can now leverage cloud-like, Storage-as-a-Service to adapt to fluctuating capacity requirements. ES2 is, of course, Evergreen, which allows organizations to benefit from future innovations, implemented non-disruptively behind the scenes.

ES2 can be onboarded in days and offers customers a fully-elastic, scalable on-premises solution complete with tier-one, enterprise-grade features. ES2 provides on-demand, enterprise-grade storage at up to 50 percent less than a public cloud with proven reliability. ES2 is available for terms as short as 12 months with a base commitment as low as 100 effective TBs.

“Today, infrastructure requires flexibility, room for growth and the freedom to invest in new technologies confidently,” said Jason Nadeau, VP of Product Marketing, Pure Storage. “Pure’s Right-Size Guarantee ensures customers get the storage they need not only at initial purchase but also over the Evergreen life of their array as they expand for long-term peace of mind. Evergreen allows customers to move beyond traditional data reduction, raw and usable TB complexity to focus on delivering cloud-like effective capacity to business applications, developers and data scientists.”

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