Eaton Intros Eaton 91PS UPS Range

Eaton has introduced the Eaton 91PS, a single-phase alternative to its existing market-leading Eaton 93PS range of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS). Both ranges are designed for applications where efficiency, reliability, safety and scalability are essential. The newly-introduced single-phase Eaton 91PS has a power rating of 8 to 30 kW, while the three-phase Eaton 93PS is available from 8 to 40 kW.

The Eaton 91PS and 93PS products are the most advanced UPSs in their ranges, providing high availability and lower costs of ownership for server rooms, small data centers and mission critical IT applications, such as in healthcare, telecoms, marine and industrial applications. The new models will be available in the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region from October 2018.

The Eaton 91PS and 93PS offer the UPS industry’s lowest total cost of ownership. Both product ranges are built on leading technologies to create greater efficiency levels above 96% in normal double conversion mode, which can generate savings of over €1000 per year, compared with a 30 kW model run with 94% efficiency. With a power factor rating of 1.0, the 91PS and 93PS deliver 25% more real power than equivalent UPSs, improving energy efficiency.

Furthermore, the ranges use two of Eaton’s key technologies to reach even higher efficiencies: Eaton’s Energy Saver System (ESS) enables the Eaton 91PS and 93PS to reach efficiency levels up to 99 % and double potential annual savings. ESS is the most proven and reliable energy saving system in the market with many years of usage within a wide install base. Even when compared to extremely high double conversion efficiency, ESS mode can further reduce the losses by 74 % with a typical UPS load; while Eaton’s Variable Module Management System (VMMS) helps to achieve high efficiency even when UPS load levels are low, which is typical for redundant UPS systems.

The Eaton 91PS and 93PS ranges include several features that are unique to Eaton and designed to provide the highest possible availability for critical infrastructure. These include:

  • Hot Sync, Eaton’s patented technology for load sharing between UPSs, which eliminates any single point of failure in a parallel operating UPS system
  • Advanced Battery Management (ABM), which enables intelligent charging and extends the lifetime of the batteries
  • Hot Swappable and Hot Scalable power modules, which can be replaced or added while other modules continue protecting the load, eliminating the need to go to bypass for concurrent maintenance or when adding more power to the system
  • Inherent redundancy that can be achieved with just one unit, avoiding the need for parallel operation
  • Virtualization-ready: The Eaton 91PS and 93PS ranges support Eaton’s Intelligent Power Management (IPM) software, which is used for monitoring and managing the UPS as an integral part of the power and IT infrastructure

Both ranges also include features to ensure safe installation and use, thanks to pre-designed, pre-tested and pre-installed integrated safety components, such as the backfeed protection and ultra-rapid fuses in the static switch. This equipment will also lower installation costs as no additional equipment will be needed to fulfil the requirements from the UPS standards.

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