Hack In The Box Security Conference Returns to Dubai in November 2018

Hack In The Box (HITB), organizer of the HITB Security Conference series, in cooperation with Dubai Electronic Security Center (DESC), announced the return of its popular event to Dubai and the Middle East after an 8-year hiatus. HITB2018DXB, which takes place at the Grand Hyatt Dubai from 25th to 28th November 2018, features a range of high profile cyber security speakers from around the world who will explore cutting edge developments in the field.

The programme will feature the event’s signature format of 2-day technical courses followed by a 2-day multi-track conference, with a focus on AI and blockchain tech, maker and hacker spaces, a car hacking and hardware-related village, and HITB’s CommSec track, which is collaborating with BSides Dubai to offer free access to 30 and 60-minute tracks that are also livestreamed on YouTube.

DESC is endorsing the Hack In The Box (HITB) event as part of its ‘Dubai Cyber Security Strategy’ key domain which is innovation, where the center is committed to promoting cyber security research & development, in addition to establishing a secure cyber space in Dubai with global influence.

DESC Head of Research and Innovation Dr. Bushra Al Blooshi said: “We are confident that this event will have a huge impact on cyber security not only in the UAE but regionally. The event will bring together eminent national, regional and international experts, and will tackle the latest in cyber security challenges as a strategic component of digital transformation, and offers our government and academic partners global training opportunities. We are looking to support Dubai governmental efforts in its futuristic plans and initiatives by highlighting electronic security challenges in the fourth industrial revolution era, among others.”

HITB Founder and CEO, Dhillon Kannabhiran said: “The reactivation of our Middle East activities comes as we continue to expand our presence worldwide. We hold HITB Security Conferences in Amsterdam and Singapore annually, and we will be making our debut in China later this year. Our objective is to always raise public awareness about the risks and the important role of security in the digital age. We choose to return to Dubai as our Middle East venue because it has been a regional leader in the fields of cyber security, and we are confident that our platform will resonate with its growing community of researchers and next-generation security professionals.”

For its return to Dubai, HITB is partnering with UAE based company DarkMatter Group, the region’s first and only fully-integrated digital transformation, defence and cyber security consultancy and implementation firm. Rabih Dabboussi, Senior Vice President Sales, Business Development and Marketing said: “We are delighted that HITB is returning to the region as we see a growing demand in the market for cyber education and training. To combat cybercrime, it is crucial that we nurture the next generation of digital talent and equip people with the right technical training and skills. In parallel with HITB, DarkMatter Group is organising a business track called ‘Beyond Cyber’ where senior IT and C-level executives can learn more on topics like Threat Intelligence, Digital Transformation and Cyber Transformation. HITB will bring together global cyber experts to discuss how the latest technologies can be integrated into useful cyber solutions, feature technical workshops, and host exciting competitions such as the Capture the Flag live hacking contest. We hope that HITB will empower local security professionals and researchers, and see it as an important step towards building regional cyber resilience.”

Keynote speakers at the conference will be KPN Chief Information Security Officer, Jaya Baloo who will be sharing insights from her 15-year career in information security; F-Secure Chief Research Officer, Mikko Hypponen, listed as one of the Top 100 Global Thinkers in Foreign Policy Magazine; and Flashpoint Chief Marketing Officer, Jennifer Leggio who has been shaping the security industry through compelling positioning, thought leadership, and market strategies for nearly 20 years.

Attendees can register for hands-on training courses in the first 2 days, where they can learn about applied data science and machine learning for cyber security, how to defend against modern targeted attacks, or the components and architecture of ICS/SCADA Security, among many other topics. Visitors can also enjoy a wide range of free activities and areas such as a range of Capture the Flag challenges, an Internet of Things (IoT) Village, a Soldering Village, a SCADA Village, and a Car Hacking Village.

The security conference will also include the launch of the first ever HITB Armory, which will allow participants to showcase their security tools to the world in 30-minute presentations onstage, and offer them an exhibit area to conduct demonstrations for up to 3 hours each day. The Armory is organized by HITB in collaboration with ToolsWatch and Opposing Force.

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