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Huawei Launches the Atlas Intelligent Computing Platform

Today at GITEX 2018, Huawei brought its Atlas intelligent computing platform to the Middle East. The Atlas intelligent computing platform is powered by the Huawei Ascend AI processor and mainstream heterogeneous computing components and integrates various forms of products, such as modules, cards, boards, edge stations, and appliances, to build an all-scenario AI infrastructure covering the end, edge, and cloud. As an important part of Huawei’s full-stack AI solution, the Atlas intelligent computing platform unlocks supreme compute power to help customers embrace an AI-driven future and expedite the Middle East’s intelligent transformation journey.

The Middle East is one of the first regions worldwide to import Huawei’s recently-unveiled revolutionary AI products and solutions. AI is a central aspect of national development plans and visions in the region to become diversified, knowledge-based economies; as AI becomes more advanced, it is becoming an all-purpose technology which will drive the development of all industries, creating new venues of innovation and growth. Huawei launched the Atlas intelligent computing platform in the Middle East to fuel the region’s digital transformation.

The Atlas intelligent computing platform is an evolution of the Atlas intelligent cloud hardware platform released in 2017. The new Atlas includes the terminal-facing Atlas 200 AI acceleration module, the DC-facing Atlas 300 AI acceleration card, the edge-oriented Atlas 500 AI edge station, and the one-stop AI platform: Atlas 800 AI appliance, positioned for enterprises.

  • AI 200 acceleration module: Packaged in a form factor half the size of a credit card, it supports 16-channel real-time HD video analytics. Deployed on devices such as cameras and drones, Atlas 200 consumes only about 10 W of power.
  • Atlas 300 AI acceleration card: It comes in a half-height half-length PCIe standard card form factor, and is positioned for data center and edge server scenarios. The Atlas 300 acceleration card supports multiple data precisions, and delivers up to 64 TOPS INT8 by a single card. It provides superior compute power for deep learning and inference.
  • Atlas 500 AI edge station: The industry-leading edge product integrates AI processing capabilities, and supports 16-channel HD video processing in the size of a set-top box, delivering a 4x performance over existing products in the marketplace. The AI edge station is well suited for a broad range of applications, such as transportation, nursing and care, unattended retail, and smart manufacturing.
  • Atlas 800 AI appliance: Based on the standard framework and programming environment, it provides an optimized AI environment and pre-installed software library of the definition layer, and is ready to work 2 hours out of the box. In addition, the AI appliance integrates management software for cluster management and job scheduling, and system-level performance monitoring capabilities, greatly reducing the entry requirements for enterprise AI application.

To accelerate AI implementation, Huawei also released its AI Developer Enablement Program. The program will help Huawei collaborate with developers, partners, universities, and research institutions. Huawei will use the program to build a better development ecosystem that can support AI resources, platforms, courses, and joint solutions.

Taha Farooque Tungekar from Huawei said, “Huawei recently launched the world’s first AI IP and chip series designed for a full range of scenarios, and we are eager to work with our customers and partners in the Middle East to customize our AI products and solutions to meet local business challenges and uplift Middle East organizations to the next level of efficiency and profitability. We are excited to launch the Atlas Intelligent Computing Platform here at GITEX as it brings us a step closer to creating an AI ecosystem to drive forward the region’s digital transformation.”

The Huawei IT Product Line has been pursuing the philosophy of “Intelligent IT Inspires Digital Future”, and strives to infuse intelligent technologies into IT infrastructure, leveraging innovative technologies such as AI, chip technology, and architecture breakthroughs to help customers accelerate the digital and intelligent transformation. Up to now, Huawei’s intelligent computing products have served more than 5000 customers worldwide. According to Gartner’s report, Huawei servers ranked No. 4 by global shipments in the first quarter of 2018.

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