ESET Looks to Add Managed Service Providers to its Channel Community

Arabian Reseller spoke to Dimitris Raekos, the General Manager of ESET Middle East, about the company’s plans for the months ahead, the challenges companies face in the region in terms of security threats, and its ongoing partner engagement activities

What is your focus for the months ahead?
We have participated in GITEX Technology Week for many years now, and this year was no different. This year, we showcased a couple of new products for our enterprise customers. We have a solution for cloud sandboxing, which offers machine learning capabilities. We also demoed a new management console which is a scalable solution for both SMBs and enterprises.

This console allows you to manage your endpoints, come with very rich reporting features, and has an inventory of software and hardware. The other solution we spoke about is the cloud administrator, which is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution. This is being offered to our SMB customers, becuase then they don’t really need to install the ESET server on their network.

They can use our cloud in order to deploy the software across the board, and manage it from from a single console. What we are communicating to people is that there are so many challenges out there, from ransomware attacks to targeted attacks. They are looking for various ways to protect their network and data, and we have the solutions for that.

What challenges are companies facing in the region?
Many companies make this mistake – they buy protection for the endpoints, say for their perimeter security, such as firewalls. But they don’t know what is happening inside the network, in between the endpoint and the firewall.

So we offer solutions that monitors the traffic between points, and we offer a wide range of services, too. We want to transform ESET from a software company, to a company that offers cybersecurity and consulting services. We will soon be offering services such as threat handling and forensics in the region. So, what we are saying is that there are challenges, but there are solutions that address those challenges as well.

Another major challenge is the lack of support from service providers and vendors. However, this is normal. When a vendor has thousands of customers, it is impossible to be next to them all the time. So, once a company becomes too big, they tend to neglect the SMB sector and focus more on the enterprise sector.

At ESET what we do about the customer lifecycle management, is to have our customer details in the database. We regularly communicate with them in terms of sharing treat intelligence and so on. We also try to meet all of our customers in the region at least once a year to do a health check and determine if everything is fine.

What sort of demand have you seen for the ESET Cloud Administrator?
We are seeing great demand from our partners and end customers for the ESET Cloud Adnimistrator. The solution offers cloud-managed security for up to 250 seats, which reduces costs and simplifies network protection. Customers will be able to setup and deployment the solution within minutes.

There is no need for additional hardware or software and it is a single point of network security management. The platform also offers a secure access via web browser from anywhere. Hence, we have seen that the number of leads we are receiving is more on the cloud than an on-premise solution.

What sort of plans do you have in terms of partner engagement?
We are looking to have a couple of events in the region in the next few months. We will do some events in Saudi and Kuwait very soon, with customers and resellers. We also plan to do events throughout the year to increase the awareness of the threat landscape in the region and solutions available to keep the data safe.

We will also have the ESET Security Day in Saudi Arabia and in Kuwait before end of the year. We are looking to add Managed Service Providers to our portfolio. So we are looking for companies that offer endpoint security as part of their services, than just as a product. ESET has a unique way of working – it has daily billing and monthly invoicing. This allows customers to start and stop the licensing anytime they want and we are possibly the only vendor that offers this option.

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