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Cloud Content Management Brings Structure to Digital Transformation

Written By Wasim Khan, Head of Xerox Digital Solutions

The cloud has fundamentally changed the way organizations operate in the digital economy. Research reveals that the cloud is considered a key investment between now and 2025. 66% of surveyed organizations rate cloud initiatives as top priorities, second only to security, and ahead of mobility.

We commonly see and use cloud-based applications and innovation on a daily basis in:

  • Artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning, analytics
  • Blockchain
  • Cloud containers
  • Microservices, connectors, APIs
  • Robotics automation
  • User experience (UX)

Agile enterprises use cloud solutions to build and drive adoption of the digital workplace. The cloud democratizes digital solutions and brings digital transformation to many document-centric workflows. In this broad context, content can include invoices and receipts, and forms for account opening, employee onboarding, membership actions and more. You can probably come up with a dozen or more types of content used in your own organization. With so much potential, cloud document management adoption has gone mainstream, too, and most companies believe it’s a competitive opportunity.

One reason cloud content services and digital transformation are so compatible is they share similar goals:

  • Deliver value quickly
  • Automate content in an innovative way
  • Capture savings across ecosystems
  • Easy user experience and consumption
  • Manage through data analytics

Cloud supports content management transformation in significant ways. Your document processes benefit from:

  • Constant connectivity
  • Value-added analytics
  • Predictability through robotics, AI, deep learning
  • New efficiencies

Cloud-based content services and solutions bring value to all kinds of environments, especially complex, hybrid worlds of analogue and digital documents. The rapid growth of digitally native content has pushed the need for new cloud-based solutions to solve document-centric business challenges.

What do those challenges look like in your organization, agency or department? For some companies, the cloud drastically changes the way they deliver customer and user experience, even if that experience still touches paper sometimes. With some cloud solutions, the workplace can be always connected; analytics look at everything and the speed of technology deployment is quicker.

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