A10 Intros Centralised Management and Advanced Security Analytics for SSL Inspection

A10 Networks has released a major upgrade to its groundbreaking multi-cloud analytics and management platform, the A10 Harmony Controller. The upgrade expands A10’s advanced security and connected intelligence capabilities via a new Harmony App that supports A10’s enterprise SSL inspection solution, Thunder SSLi (SSL Insight).

As encrypted traffic rises so does the expansion of a major security blind spot for organizations. This, coupled with a rise in evolved cyberattacks like ransomware, has led to an increase in the use of encryption to deliver malware to unsuspecting end users.

Ransomware attacks like WannaCry affected over 200,000 users worldwide and account for almost 50 percent of all malware attacks. Dedicated decryption solutions have become a de-facto standard for enterprises so that their entire security infrastructure can gain full visibility into encrypted traffic, without compromising performance or scale, to stop hidden attacks preemptively and ensure continued business operations.

However, enterprises with multiple, geographically dispersed deployments face a larger challenge. It is vital for enterprises to invest in a decryption solution that provides centralized analytics and management that simplifies operations and can track traffic patterns and user behaviour from multiple sites, presenting simplified insights for easy identification of anomalies.

A10’s SSL Insight, with Harmony Controller, is a complete solution that provides enterprises with full visibility into encrypted traffic, to enhance their security efficacy, as well as centralized management and advanced analytics to augment their rapid growth. With the SSL Insight solution, organizations have access to:

Centralized management for multi-site deployments and simplified policy distribution to reduce TCO and improve security staff efficiency. Advanced analytics with actionable insights into traffic categorization, anomalies and suspicious activities for easy troubleshooting and rapid response, ensuring ongoing operations.

Application detection and control for user behaviour analysis, increasing employee productivity and improving operational efficiency. Simplified, wizard-driven configuration for rapid deployment to minimize operational complexity.

A10’s SSL Insight, with Harmony Controller, provides new levels of control and simplified analytics to help businesses keep up with the rapid growth in encrypted traffic and the evolution of cyber threats. It provides a unique solution to simplify multi-site deployment and management, with detailed visibility and insights into application traffic, thereby increasing security efficacy, shortening troubleshooting times, and enabling simplified capacity planning for reduced TCO.

“Today, the rapid growth of large enterprises and their expansion across multiple locations is introducing new challenges for IT teams to ensure continued security,” said Yasir Liaqatullah, VP of Product Management at A10 Networks. “The updated SSL Insight not only enables the enterprise security stack to stop encrypted threats but also provides a unique centralized management and advanced analytics platform, helping to ease the stress and burden that is weighing on these IT teams.”

Mohammed Al-Moneer, Regional Director – Middle East at A10 Networks concludes, “While dedicated security devices provide in-depth inspection and analysis of network traffic, they are not designed to decrypt and encrypt traffic at high speeds. In fact, many security products do not have the ability to decrypt traffic at all. The most comprehensive decryption solution, A10 Thunder SSLi (SSL Insight) decrypts traffic across all ports, enabling third-party security devices to analyze all enterprise traffic without compromising performance.”

The SSL Insight solution is available now with A10 Harmony Controller, A10 Thunder CFW and Thunder SSLi product lines.

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