Etisalat and Huawei Jointly Complete Testing of Industry’s First Single-Wavelength 600G Trial Site

UAE telecom operator Etisalat recently announced that it collaborated with Huawei to complete the industry’s first testing of a single-wavelength 600G trial site. This trial cements Etisalat’s leading position in transport network technological innovation, and promotes commercialization of single-wavelength 600G technology, with great commercial application value.

As the largest comprehensive telecom operator in the UAE, Etisalat has not only established high-quality telecom networks in the U.A.E, but also provided extensive and reliable telecom services in 15 countries across the Middle East and Africa. Its development attracts global attention and it has become one of the most influential multinational operators in the Middle East. With emergence of new technologies and services such as cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things (IoT), and streaming media, Etisalat is looking forward to cooperate with partners on product and technology innovations in terms of new services and high performance & capacity transmission.

To address Etisalat’s requirements for large capacity and efficient operation, Huawei provides a single-wavelength 600G ultra-high-speed optical transmission solution. This solution uses Huawei’s latest generation of OptiXtreme series oDSP chips. Based on the industry’s unique channel-matched shaping (CMS) algorithm, this solution enables programmable and flexible adjustment of multiple code patterns from 100G to 600G. This allows adaptation to complex link environments and various transmission distances in physical networks.

In addition, a new AI neuron module is embedded into the chips, quickly marking all wavelengths in optical transmission networks and automatically optimizing performance. This innovative trial has verified specified items and confirmed that key indicators related to single-wavelength 600G such as transmission performance, stability, and reliability are beyond the expectation. This verification confirms suitability for commercial use on a large scale.

Etisalat’s SVP for Network Development, Esmaeel Al Hammadi, said, “Etisalat has been committed to providing optimal network services for each customer. To match the pace of network requirements, optical networks need to be adaptive and ultra-high capacity. Huawei’s development for 600G , single channel will greatly improve the spectrum efficiency of optical networks.”

Richard Jin, President of Huawei Transmission and Access Product Line, said, “We enjoyed working with Etisalat to complete the testing of the industry’s first single-wavelength 600G trial site. This is an innovative and important milestone in the global commercialization of Huawei’s single-wavelength 600G solution. Huawei will continue to carry out technological innovation and research to provide Etisalat with high-quality, reliable, sustainable, and evolvable solutions, helping them achieve business success.”

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