FireEye’s Email Security and FireEye Endpoint Security Designated as Cyber Catalyst Solutions

FireEye has today announced that FireEye Email Security and FireEye Endpoint Security have been designated as Cyber Catalyst solutions in the Cyber Catalyst by Marsh program. Cyber Catalyst was created by Marsh to help organizations make more informed cyber security choices. Participating in the Cyber Catalyst program are eight leading insurers evaluating and identifying solutions that they consider effective in reducing major cyber risks like data breaches, business interruption, data theft or corruption, and cyber extortion.

“When it comes to assessing risk and the levels of coverage necessary to transfer that risk, organizations can find the process extremely confusing,” said Grady Summers, EVP of Products & Customer Success at FireEye. “We applaud Marsh for establishing the first evaluation program of its kind, where leading cyber insurers are working alongside cyber security companies to give companies greater clarity and confidence in the complex cyber security market.”

“In the highly complex cyber security marketplace, Cyber Catalyst gives business leaders greater clarity and confidence in their cyber security choices,” said Tom Reagan, US Cyber Practice Leader at Marsh, which created the Cyber Catalyst program. “We’re excited to showcase leading-edge solutions like FireEye Email Security and FireEye Endpoint Security, which were identified by participating insurers as able to have a meaningful impact on cyber risk.”

Out of the 150 cyber security products and services that were evaluated, participating insurers designated 17 of them as Cyber Catalyst solutions. Companies were able to submit up to two offerings. Both FireEye Email Security and FireEye Endpoint Security were selected as solutions that participating insurers believe can have a meaningful impact on reducing cyber risk.

FireEye Email Security: Participating insurers rated FireEye Email Security highest on the criteria of performance, efficiency, flexibility, and reduction of cyber risk. In their evaluation, insurers characterized FireEye Email Security as:

  • “A very comprehensive and solid email protection capability to prevent malware entering an organization via email.”
  • “A very effective product for blocking attached malware and malicious links…with the capability to mitigate phishing and social engineering attacks which can serve as an additional layer of defense to an existing awareness/training program.”

FireEye Email Security is a secure email gateway that stops email-borne cyber threats. The comprehensive solution blocks malware and suspicious URLs, and phishing and impersonation techniques.

FireEye Endpoint Security: Participating insurers rated FireEye Endpoint Security highest on the criteria of performance, viability, and flexibility. In their evaluation, insurers characterized FireEye Endpoint Security as:

  • “Captures all relevant information needed for proper response in a timely fashion using a super simple graphical user interface.”
  • “Quick to deploy and can be used in post cyber incident cases where fast detection and isolation is required.”
  • “Effective tool for detecting and blocking malware and exploits – and implementation is considered easy for complex networks.”

FireEye Endpoint Security is a multi-level endpoint defense that includes endpoint protection, endpoint detection, and endpoint response in a single agent. By using both signature-based machine learning and behavioral based engines, FireEye Endpoint Security provides protection from threats and delivers intelligence-based indicators of compromise to help companies detect and respond to cyber threats.

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