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Secure Connection Enters the Middle East Region Through Redington

In an exclusive interview with Arabian Reseller, Mohit Anand, the CEO of Secure Connection and Suchit Kumar, the Regional Director of Secure Connection, speak about their company’s entry into the Middle East region

What is Secure Connection all about?
If you look at our digital lifestyle today, there are four screens that dominate our lives. These are the screens on smartphones, PCs or laptops, tablets, and televisions. So, Secure Connection creates products that surround these four screens to enhance and enrich the experience of the consumer around these four core devices which goes towards a greater digital lifestyle. Our product portfolio includes adapters, audio cables, car chargers, charge and sync cables, charging essentials, HDMI cables, laptop essentials, and surge protectors.

When was the company set up?
We set up the company in 2016 and our focus has been high-growth markets. Our initial focus was on the Indian subcontinent, and our plan is to take our brand and products to more geographies. We decided to enter the Middle East market sometime earlier this year. We are glad to announce that Redington Gulf has been appointed as a distributor for the GCC and other neighbouring countries. We are focusing on those countries with UAE to start with.

Are your products currently available in retail stores?
Our products will soon hit the shelves and will be available across a wide cross-section of the retail sector, independent small retail stores, and large format retail outlets as well. I can tell you today that we are now in a position where we have finalised our arrangements with most leading key power retailers in the region and you will have our products available across all of them, including the online space. We will be launching our full suite of products that includes approximately 70 SKUs.

How will you educate your customers about Secure Connection?
Right now we are fixing our supply side by getting a distributor in place. Next is to get the products on the shelves. And the next step is to start generating demand and our focus initially will be on trade investments in the channel ecosystem because the seller needs to be educated, too. We will also be training our retail partners, in-shop demonstrators, promoters, and so on.

Tell us about your engagement with channel partners.
We will be working very closely with Redington to develop our regional channel community. Redington will be driving a very large part of the engagement with our local team. Suchit Kumar is our Regional Director who joined us recently, while Bharat Vasnani is our Regional Sales Manager. As the products come into the retail stores, we will be having lots of channel engagement. We will also be launching channel partner programs and certification programs for our channel partners very soon.

Which product categories will you be focusing on initially?
We have identified around seven critical product categories that we will be starting off with initially. These include surge protectors, audio and video cables, charge and sync cables, charging essentials, car chargers, wall chargers, inverters for cars, power banks, and laptop essentials.

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