Making Document Capture and Management Effortless

Organisations face challenges today in reliably getting data into their business processes. The INfuse Solution blends Kodak Alaris expertise in capture with your specific application to create an automated solution

Information capture/data collection has been an extremely valuable business process in the era of always-on internet, but with that growth also came some obvious pitfalls. The process between having someone fill out a form and getting those details into your information systems has always relied on a human component that manually entered the information.

Though it might have been working for the last few decades, the sheer amount of information to be captured combined with limitations on the output of an operator can create bottlenecks in the process, leading to slow turnaround times and inaccurate data. Enter the Alaris INFuse Smart Connected Scanning Solution from Kodak Alaris.

The Alaris INfuse Smart Connected Scanning Solution’s Approach
The Alaris INfuse Smart Connected Scanning Solution leads the charge with software-assisted information capture, connected to your organisation’s network. The capture solution directly integrates into an Alaris partner’s line-of-business-system, pushing any information from a form to where it has the most value.

Alaris applied their decades worth of document management, product design, and process automation experience into the most valuable solution package to enter the market. It caters to common concerns with software solutions, with features like immediate exception notifications when problems are encountered – like missing information, signatures, document issues, etc. This saves money, slashes turnaround times, and improves the overall customer experience.

Check out the video of the solution’s demo below:

The Value Proposition
The Alaris INfuse Smart Connected Scanning Solution automates business processes by seamlessly connecting document capture to existing business systems and the cloud. Benefits include fewer touchpoints and less human error, making the entire information capture process smarter and more efficient.

The Alaris INfuse Solution integrates directly with enterprise applications and enables customers to carry out tasks in hours which, in the past, may have taken days to complete. INfuse also offers an unprecedented opportunity for channel partners to engage with customers to streamline expensive business processes and quickly grow new revenue streams.

The inspiration for INfuse comes directly from the channel partner and end-user feedback. Solution providers need cost-effective ways to install and manage a fleet of devices while helping enterprise customers efficiently and correctly onboard information into business processes. To address these needs, the Alaris INfuse Solution includes three key components.

  • Partner Software Application – An Alaris channel partner or solution provider (typically an ISV or Integrator) provides a cloud-based enterprise solution such as invoice processing, medical records management, or customer account management. The partner’s software or line-of-business application integrates with Alaris APIs.
  • INfuse Management Software – INfuse Management Software provides easy end-user set-up, remote configuration, and fleet management through a bi-directional API provided by Alaris. End-users simply scan a smart set-up sheet provided by the partner and they are up and running with no training required, which slashes upfront and ongoing management costs.
  • INfuse AX Scanner – A smart network scanning device requiring no PC or software/drivers that accurately and securely transfers data, metadata and finished image files directly into a business process. INfuse offers enterprise-level security, including a separate data path and control path to isolate confidential content for secure transmission. The INfuse AX Scanner can be configured to carry the partner’s branding on its display.

The INfuse Solution seamlessly connects to the Alaris partner’s business process and enables end-users to onboard content directly into that workflow. When a scan is successfully transmitted and form fields are validated, the end-user receives the real-time acknowledgment and immediate exception notifications. This means missing forms, signatures, and other critical information can be detected and corrected instantly, saving money and improving employee productivity.

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