Philips Launches Two New 144Hz IPS Gaming Monitors in Egypt

MMD has today announced the launch of two new 144Hz IPS Gaming Monitors in Egypt. Both the new models 242M8 (23.8 inch / 60.5 cm) and 272M8 (27 inch / 68.6 cm) from Momentum series of Philips monitors are powered by AMD FreeSync Technology that boosts 144Hz refresh rate with a response time of 1ms MPRT. The Full HD IPS panel with resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels brings games to life with Ultra Wide-Color technology.

The gaming monitors support AMD FreeSync technology, quick refresh and ultra-fast response time. The Philips display redraws the screen image up-to 144 times per second, effectively 2.4x faster than a standard display. A lower frame rate can make enemies appear to jump from spot to spot on the screen, making them difficult targets to hit. With 144Hz frame rate, you get those critical missing images on the screen which shows enemy movement in ultra-smooth motion so you can easily target them.

The new Philips gaming display has quick access OSD fine-tuned for gamers, offering you multiple options. “FPS” mode (First person shooting) improves dark themes in games, allowing you to see hidden objects in dark areas. “Racing” mode adapts display with fastest response time, high color, along with image adjustments. “RTS” mode (Real time strategy) has a special SmartFrame mode which enables highlighting of specific area and allows for size and image adjustments. Gamer 1 and Gamer 2 enable you to save personal customized settings based on different games, ensuring best performance.

MPRT (motion picture response time) is more intuitive way to describe the response time, which directly refers the duration from seeing blurry noise to clean and crisp images. Philips console gaming monitor with 1 ms MPRT effectively eliminates smearing and motion blur, delivers shaper and precise visuals to enhance gaming experience.

Ultra Wide-Color Technology delivers a wider spectrum of colors for a more brilliant picture. Ultra Wide-Color wider “color gamut” produces more natural-looking greens, vivid reds and deeper blues. Bring, media entertainment, images, and even productivity more alive and vivid colors from Ultra Wide-Color Technology.

IPS displays use an advanced technology which gives you extra wide viewing angles of 178/178 degree, making it possible to view the display from almost any angle. Unlike standard TN panels, IPS displays gives you remarkably crisp images with vivid colors, making it ideal not only for Photos, movies and web browsing, but also for professional applications which demand color accuracy and consistent brightness at all times.

Philips 242M8 and 272M8 are equipped with  LowBlue Mode setting uses a smart software technology to reduce harmful shortwave blue light. Also Flicker-free Technology applies a new solution to regulate brightness and reduce flicker for more comfortable viewing. VGA, DisplayPort and HDMI port that enables high-quality digital video and audio all transmitted over a single cable from a PC or any number of AV sources.

Mohamed Khedr, Philips Monitors Country Manager at Egypt, said, “Both the new models of gaming monitors from Philips Momentum series offers most vivid user experience that is the most important factors for gamers. Over past few years, Egypt has become an hub for gaming in the region and gamers in the country are now demanding nothing less than the best of the breed products. With these two latest models, we provide both speed and clarity to enjoy the ultimate experience of gaming.”

Both the new models are available through East Asia Company, the authorised distributor for Philips monitors in Egypt. As with all of its displays, Philips offers a 3-year warranty with on-site exchange service.

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