NordLocker Offers Bounty for Cracking Encrypted File

Following its promise to guarantee the ultimate security for your files, the file encryption tool NordLocker has launched a bounty campaign. It has invited hacking enthusiasts to crack an encrypted locker and win $10,000.

NordLocker strives to make its infrastructure as secure as it can be.  Therefore, the company created a file (“locker”) secured with the most advanced zero-knowledge encryption technology — anyone can download and try to unlock it.

Oliver Noble, an encryption specialist at NordLocker, says that campaigns like this help encourage ethical hackers to probe the service. “If their efforts are successful, we’ll have a chance to boost our product’s quality and ability to withstand hacker attacks.”

To participate, bounty hunters first have to download the bounty locker from If they can hack it and follow the instructions inside, they’ll collect the well-deserved prize of $10,000. Only the first person to open the locker and contact the company will get the reward. The participants don’t need to worry about possible legal action against them as long as they keep their penetration testing ethical.

“We want NordLocker users to feel confident that their files are safe. We need your help to find out whether we’ve missed anything. If you crack open the locker, you’ll have our gratitude and, of course, the generous bounty,” explains Oliver Noble.

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