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With social distancing becoming a norm these days, the sales of streaming services and devices have increased. People tend to watch movies and other content by streaming the content from their laptops and mobile devices, onto their big-screen televisions.

Now, there are far too many streaming devices available on the market. But only a few offer the quality and stability seen on devices such as Google Chromecast and Amazon Fire Stick. Another company to join the bandwagon of streaming device manufacturers is EZCast.

EZCast is a Taiwanese company that specialises in streaming devices such as EZCast Ultra, EZCast Classic, EZCast MiniBox and so on.

The company recently sent us a review unit of the EZCast Ultra U1 for review. The EZCast Ultra U1 is a 4K HDR ultra-high quality wireless display receiver that comes with 4K decoding capability and 4K / 60Hz HDMI ultra-high quality output.

The device supports DLNA, Miracast, EZAir, Google Home, Chrome Mirror and other wireless projection technology, thus offering you 4K HDR experience.

The EZCast Ultra U1 supports 4K 60p ultra high quality images, and most popular smart speakers such as Google Home and Amazon Echo for hands-free control.

Thus, you can easily share photos, videos, and music without being limited by operating systems and devices. The device comes in a humble packaging.

The box includes the EZCast Ultra U1 unit, one HDMI extension cable, one USB Type-C power cable, and a quick start guide.

The EZCast Ultra U1 comes packed in a round body and the overall build quality is quite good. It is also small in size and light weight. On the edges of the device, you will find an HDMI port, a USB Type-C port and a power LED indicator. The entire setup is also quite simple and intuitive.

Connect the EZCast Ultra U1 to the HDMI port on your TV or projector and then power it on with an external USB power source. And then, follow the onscreen instructions.

The device supports both Bluetooth 4.2 and Dual-Band Wi-Fi. This means the device can quickly pair and connect, and offer high-speed streaming performance.

Once you connect, you are presented with two options to get connected. Either you use the SSID and password of the adhoc Wi-Fi network created by EZCast or you scan the QR code displayed on the screen of the television or the projection of the projector to get connected.

Next up, you need to provide the login information for your local Wi-Fi network. From here, the dongle (and your device) reconnect to the network you provided, and now you can talk to the EZCast Ultra U1 easily. You can actually start streaming content to the EZCast Ultra U1 in a number of ways.

On Windows for example you can choose to mirror your screen, select a video or audio file on your computer, or cast a webpage. On Mac as well, you can mirror your screen using Apple Airplay and play content from your laptop or PC. You can also use MiraCast to stream content from Windows and Android powered devices. In addition, DLNA lets you stream content directly from devices such as NAS drives.

We used an LG UHD Smart TV to stream all the content from the EZCast Ultra U1. The overall streaming experience was very good. The quality of the content was top notch. Our network also included a Google Home – controlling the EZCast Ultra U1 using voice controls was a breeze.

For a price of $80, the EZCast Ultra U1 may sound a bit expensive, considering devices such as Google Chromecast are available at a much lower price. But then, the EZCast Ultra U1 does offer a list of features that other streaming dongles don’t, such as support for Apple AirPlay.

The support for Miracast technology, lets you cast even mobile games in addition to videos on to the big TV screens. If you have a UHD TV, you can stream 4K media as it supports 802.11ac 2.4 GHz and 5GHz WiFi bands. EZCast Ultra U1 also supports Google Home and Alexa Echo smart speakers, in addition to offering voice searching for online videos.

EZCast Ultra U1 certainly seems to have lots of advantages than other streaming dongles available on the market. It is a good choice if you wanted to cast from different devices including AirPlay support.

Price: $80

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