Outlook 2021: Only With Agility Can Business Perform

Morgan Chen, the Notebook and Gaming Notebook Business Development Manager for UAE and GCC at ASUS Middle East, speaks about the challenges faced in 2020 and his business outlook for 2021

How was 2020 for the industry and your company?
2020 is an unprecedented year for the industry. Consumer behavior, retail sales, and supply chain have been reformed to cater to the influence of pandemic.

What sort of opportunities did 2020 bring along?
In 2020, due to the pandemic, computers regained importance in life and became the essential items in each household by the unique productivity to continue working and learning at home.

Did you face any challenges in 2020?
The current supply chain for an IT product is globalized. The lockdown policies in different countries at different timeframes brought up the challenge of stable and sufficient supply.

What were your key achievements in 2020?
In 2020, with a prescient leadership strategy and the team’s great efforts, ASUS achieved a historically high market share in the UAE. In the same year, we have also launched unprecedently ASUS Perfect Warranty, being the first and the only brand providing users warranty to cover accidental damages under normal use.

What promises does 2021 bring along?
Rapid innovations in different fields, including hardware, software, telecommunication, medicine, and so forth, help human beings to have the same or even better quality of life, work, and education than the pre-pandemic period.

Do you see opportunities in the regional markets with new markets opening up?
Along with lower contacts and interactions, some inconvenience also came to our lives, so the opportunities are everywhere for solutions for improving our lives.

According to you, which technologies will be in demand in 2021?
Remote Collaboration: In 2020, more people than ever before are working or learning from home, so remote-collaboration technology like a virtual meeting, online classroom, project collaboration will be the key to ensure the quality of work and study.

Cybersecurity and Privacy: Under these frequent remote-collaborations, vast business and personal information might be exposed, so how to ensure information security will be essential.

Contactless: Taking precautionary measures to the pandemic, all the direct and indirect contacts are encouraged to minimize, so contactless technology will definitely be a trend for all aspects in life.

What will be your key focus areas for 2021? 
Computers for commercial and educational purposes will be our focus areas in 2021. With innovative product design, reliable quality, and supportive after-sales service, we believe that ASUS products can help users to perform at work and study efficiently.

What milestones have you set for 2021?
We expect our products, services, solutions can help more and more users to perform in life and continue being the best laptop brand in the world in 2021.

What would you like to do differently in 2021, when compared with 2020?
Be even more agile to changes. We are continually facing an unprecedented and uncertain year in 2021. Only with agility, a business can perform.

Do you plan to enter new markets or add new products/applications to your portfolio in 2021? 
Products, services, and solutions for commercial and education usage will be our major focus fields in 2021.

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