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Nexign Enters the System Integration Market

Nexign (a part of ICS Holding LLC), a leading Business Support System (BSS) provider, announced the establishment of Nexign Solutions, LLC (operating under the Nexign brand as a part of the Nexign group of companies). The subsidiary company will mainly focus on the support and implementation of projects related to provision of Nexign’s products and services. The goal of the initiative is to provide CSPs and customers from other industries with a full range of IT services on a “one-stop-shop” basis in order to ensure easier maintenance of solutions and higher quality of service. By establishing a new subsidiary, Nexign enters the system integration market in Russia and worldwide.

“Nexign has always positioned itself as a vendor that provides CSPs with modern BSS solutions to help them achieve their business goals. However, we have seen an increase in demand for turnkey solutions in recent years. Customers prefer to work with a single supplier who will be responsible for all components of the project,” speaks Igor Gorkov, CEO of Nexign, about the motivations for establishing the new company. “According to Nexign polls, 40% of telecom operators would like to have a single contract that stipulates the provider’s full responsibility for both the operation of the hardware-software system and for implementation and support. Another significant trend is the increasing complexity of projects. More than 90% of them involve the use of third-party software. We responded to these market challenges by launching Nexign Solutions. We established a new company that will build the expertise in the field of system integration while still focusing on software development.”

Among the objectives of Nexign Solutions is to provide high level of service in accordance with the customers’ goals and satisfy their business needs by engaging partners and third-party suppliers of equipment, software and services required for the implementation of turnkey projects. This will enable CSPs to have a single contract with Nexign Solutions on a “one-stop-shop” basis, without sharing responsibility for the entire project. Thus, the company will be able to act as an integrator in the projects that include implementation and support of both Nexign’s software and products of other manufacturers. Customers, in turn, will receive a full range of quality services regardless of which company’s solutions are integrated into the infrastructure.

“Today more than 40 employees are working at Nexign Solutions. Some of them previously worked at Nexign, which means they are well aware of the specifics of both the telecommunications market and the IT industry in general. We have already signed contracts with major CSPs for the operation of BSS solutions and pre-billing support, and with the Advanced Technologies Development Center for technical support of their product labeling system. These projects are the top priority for us,” comments Vladislav Schmidt, CEO of Nexign Solutions, on the goals of the new company. “We will align with both Russian and international customers from various industries, providing them with comprehensive IT solutions, as well as implementation, support, and training services. Searching for new market niches and additional sources of revenue from the implementation of projects beyond Nexign products and services is also in the sphere of our interests.”

“In the past few years, the role of system integration in the BSS market has been transforming. Despite the demand for system integration services, customers are less and less interested in involving major market players in the projects. Therefore, responsibility for the entire project lies with the single vendor. Integrators themselves prefer to implement projects using their product portfolio, which is constantly expanding through acquisitions or internal development. Due to these trends, Nexign’s entry into the international system integration market is a smart move. This will ensure the company’s competitiveness as well as access to new markets and additional sources of revenue from the implementation of projects not limited to Nexign’s own products and services,” forecasts Igor Gorkov, CEO of Nexign.

“Nexign has many years of experience in implementation and support of complex software systems, as well as established relationships with leading providers of IT solutions. Partnership with Nexign Solutions will enable us to use the company’s expertise and resources to develop our product labeling and tracking system and open up new opportunities to increase effectiveness of customer service,” says Sergey Kholkin, director of customer service of the Advanced Technologies Development Center.

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