Tech@Work: “Technology is Liberation as it Enhances Creativity and Communication”

Tarun K. Balani, the Founder and CEO at NeckDoctor, speaks about how technology brings innovation and efficiency

Which products and solutions do you offer for today’s workplace?
We at NeckDoctor, deliver solutions to your problems encountered in the workplace. We make it easy for you to work efficiently, effectively, and comfortably using smart ergonomics. We are determined to solve all the ergonomic problems & challenges faced by workplaces today and tomorrow. Our products help in improving posture and body health whilst using all forms of modern-day computing devices & gadgets.

The future is here and we are very excited, NeckDoctor will introduce an entire ergonomic solutions ecosystem of products to bring relief to every part of the human body affected by the use of technology. Our goal and social obligation are to improve your posture naturally to make it easy for you to work intelligently at your workplace, office, or home.

How do you think technology today helps businesses grow?
Technology is liberation, it enhances creativity, communication and is undoubtedly the most dominant source of human expression. Businesses of today adopt revolutionary methods to innovate, promulgate, grow and sustain. All of it is predominantly supported by technological tools that facilitate the art of doing business and communicating with the potential audience, also derived by technology. Information, knowledge, and accountability have been largely facilitated by technology which improves the foundation of an institution. It is impossible for businesses to grow without the use of modern technology.

How is tech driving our economic recovery?
Economics is additionally sentiment-driven, the common man act when widely influenced by pessimism, calamity or distress can directly impact the economic strength of a nation. Technology can single-handedly reverse these effects and create sustainable economic growth. Governments around the world have used technological tools effectively to reform, communicate and invoke the animal spirits amongst their population. Implementation of reforms for economic recovery is key, and technology directly facilitates this one most important aspect.

How is tech shaping the infrastructure of tomorrow?
The tech revolution has just begun, on the onset of the pandemic people adapted to technology twice as faster as ever, this is an extremely important development. Tech brings innovation, efficiency and boosts accountability while adaption creates awareness, all these factors are helping tech shape the future for a better tomorrow.

How according to you, are women powering the tech industry?
Women empowerment is extremely important for nation-building thus more women are joining the workforce today than they ever did and have scaled new heights in each field. The tech industry has also benefitted equally, leading tech companies are proudly being led by creative, innovative, hardworking, and very enterprising women across the globe. They are evidently playing a key role in shaping the future right from the bottom to the top.

How is your company investing in the workforce of tomorrow?
Our company is uniquely committed to innovating ergonomic solutions for the workforce of tomorrow since the use of technology and related devices will only expand beyond our imagination in the foreseeable future. We are very excited and very focused to enhance the well-being and health of future workplaces by consistently introducing the future workforce to original NeckDoctor products. Inefficiency at work also caused by pain result in work hours loss, revenue loss, and loss in productivity which costs the companies a huge amount of money, we are investing in efficiency for a better tomorrow.

How is your company working towards a sustainable future?
We are fully committed to a sustainable future and are primarily in the process of identifying credible prospects for the same.

How do you think tech will shape the 2021 landscape?
As the world slowly recovers from the pandemic and looks beyond, disruptive technology and adaptation will be the driving force this year, it is extremely important that the world is introduced to new innovations to shape the future.

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