Tech@Work: “Users Today Want Services That Offer Seamless Collaboration Through an Interconnected Ecosystem”

Keith Li, the Country Manager for UAE at Huawei Consumer Business Group, speaks about the products and solutions offered by his company for today’s workplaces

Which products and solutions do you offer for today’s workplace?
At Huawei, we recently revealed our Super Device Products line-up that aims to provide consumers with the technology and services they need to fully realise a “Smart office” experience. A new “Smart Office” experience brings a productivity hub that breaks through boundaries for maximum creativity and efficiency.

Super device connectivity with and without wires, along with Huawei MateView, Huawei MatePad Pro, and Huawei MateBook exemplifies full integration suitable for our busy lifestyles. Supported by the distributed data management and task scheduling capabilities of HarmonyOS, the tablet, laptop, and smart monitor can work together seamlessly to double our productivity and creativity in different scenarios, whether you are in the office or working from home.

This is done by Huawei MatePad Pro and Huawei MateView’s wireless projection capability along with Mouse and keyboard control. The advantage of the new “Smart Office” experience is the easy swapping of wireless and wired connections sharing the screen, cross-device file dragging and dropping, delivering a more efficient and collaborative multi-device experience. This allows us easily switch between work mode and personal mode.

How do you think technology today helps businesses grow?
Modern-day consumers own more than one smart device and as such increasingly demand a more interconnected experience that unlocks easier collaboration across various types of smart products. This is also true of businesses and Huawei understands this. Therefore, as part of our 1+8+N strategy, we have created an ecosystem of linked devices and services that allow users to do more with their Huawei smartphone at its core.

Huawei Super Devices is key to this concept, which links devices together at the system level via HarmonyOS so they can pool their hardware capabilities together forming a single Super Device and providing users with seamless collaboration across various Huawei smart products.

How is your company investing in the workforce of tomorrow?
As mentioned previously, modern technology users demand devices and services that allow for seamless collaboration through an interconnected ecosystem. Huawei Consumer BG is continuing to work hard to implement its “1 + 8 + N” Seamless AI Life strategy, where: “1” represents mobile phone users; “8” represents tablets, PCs, VR devices, wearables, smart screens, smart audio, smart speakers, and head units; and “N” represents ubiquitous IoT devices.

This concept is driven by our Super Device and Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) ecosystem, this strategy enables different types of devices to seamlessly share their capabilities and information, providing consumers with an intelligent experience across five key scenarios: smart office, fitness & health, smart home, easy travel, and entertainment. Based on this strategy we will continue to introduce more products and experiences to our users in the UAE and across the region including our Super Device new range of products.

How do you think tech will shape the 2021 landscape?
At Huawei, we remain focused on the needs of our users and continue to deliver practical business value. We are committed to developing meaningful innovative products and services that truly impact people’s lives in a positive way. This is our promise to our users, and we will continue to have the same drive and energy to innovate and engineer the market with leading products and services.

We already have a wide portfolio of products including PCs, tablets, wearables, audio devices, and more. As such, we will continue to provide the UAE market and wider region with the latest products and technology during 2021. Consumers today demand a more connected life and that is exactly what our 1+8+N Seamless AI Life Strategy delivers.

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