GITEX 2021: 5G Powered Robots Impress Visitors on Etisalat Stand

The best of 5G empowered robotic solutions are on display on the Etisalat stand at the ongoing GITEX Global for sectors such as mobility, healthcare, retail, education, and also for the special needs community highlighting a new era of communication that positively impacts the corporate world as well as the society at large.

Like every year, humanoid robots attract a lot of attention on the stand, with Dr. Alfred from Mesmer welcoming visitors with his human bone structure, skin texture, and expressions conversing with visitors as medical professionals. Roboy was the other humanoid robot that is a completely musculoskeletal-the robot that has muscles and tendons like humans do highlighting how it can help with remote assistance of patients.

For the special needs community, the exoskeleton from Human In Motion was a crowd puller with advances in assistive technology and next generation robotic solution allowing for natural walking and self-balancing capabilities to a crippled person. Alba robot was another autonomous mobility service that will support passengers with reduced mobility to become more independent especially for hospitals, airports, and museums. The Haptx glove was a unique showcase that displaces the skin with 133 points of tactile feedback per hand achieving a new level of realism which is being used for VR training, design, and robotics.

In the business area, Meltin’s avatar robotic hands controlled wirelessly in a hazardous environment with zero latency highlighting how remote operability can be powered by the 5G network.  At the same time, there were the robotic solutions with virtual reality from Sense glove that allows its users with haptic technologies to feel shapes and textures that can help improve healthcare/assistive mobility outcomes.

Huawei 5G robotic assistant was another example of how such solutions can be used in a high precision industrial operation to respond in real-time over the 5G network. Tactile robotic arms from Shadow Robotics are considered to be the world’s first haptic robotic system that transmits touch feedback to an operator located anywhere in the world.

The potential of 5G technology within healthcare is immense bringing invaluable support to medical professionals as well as patients by offering more accuracy, convenience, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency. These include technologies such as telehealth, remote surgery, using wearable devices for real-time monitoring, assistive surgery, AR/VR integration, and more.

BEC’s hospital of the future displayed a surgical robot, a movable bed robotic arm an x-ray scanner robot. This area also had on display a surgical robotic arm from Doosan robotics that can join sensitive operations and operate precisely with remote support by surgery experts.

The robogym also made a presence here as the world’s first personalised robotic strength training system that captures athlete’s movements in real-time.

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