Providing Premium Tools for Avid Gamers to Seek Their Adventures

Michele Montecchio, the Country Manager for Acer Middle East, says that apart from the company’s focus on the gaming community, Acer’s focus areas this year includes sustainability, the education sector, and the creator community

What sort of regional strategies do you have in mind for 2022?
The overall PC industry has faced many challenges in the past two years, strongly impacting the IT market globally. While we closed 2021 on a strong note, a key focus for us in 2022 is to further stabilise the way we serve our markets as well as offer tailored PC solutions for each of our key sectors including education, gaming, commercial, and content creation.

An essential element for our commercial growth is close alignment with key partners. This has always been a priority for Acer and will continue to be one of our core strategies for 2022. Working closely with our partners helps us to respond to market needs swiftly and with agility in order to meet our business objectives.

Which product categories will be your key focus for this year?
Sustainability remains at the forefront of Acer’s overall business we continue to build on our ‘Green PC’ lineup and industry-fronting sustainability initiatives under the umbrella of ‘Earthion’ where we engage the entire ecosystem, combining the strengths of the company, our supply chain partners, consumers (channels), and our employees, to help tackle environmental challenges through innovative and integrated solutions.

Advocating for eco-conscious solutions in the PC industry is imperative for a successful and prosperous future, which should also unite organizations for a better cause. The Aspire Vero is now widely available across various GCC markets. This is the first sustainability-focused product from Acer featuring post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic and eco-friendly packaging. We are also looking into bringing the various other products within the Vero line up to the region.

Among other exciting announcements and in line with providing premium tools for our avid gamers to seek their adventures, we introduced a number of upgrades and new additions to our Predator line-up during CES 2022. Our sought-after Predator Orion gaming desktops received an exciting remodel, both externally and internally. The new Predator Orion 5000 & Orion 3000 feature a bold new chassis that encapsulate powerful NVIDIA GPUs, as well as the latest processors from Intel.

We have also updated our most popular gaming laptops, the Predator Triton 500 SE, Predator Helios 300, and the Acer Nitro 5. These laptops offer peak performance along with state-of-the-art cooling technology that will keep up with challenging missions, all in an exciting new design. Our Predator portfolio harnesses the ongoing trend toward offering elegant designs with the latest gaming graphics, which will continue to be a key focus for 2022 and beyond.

Education is a major industry for Acer. How will you capitalise on the fact that Acer is one of the top brands when it comes to products focused on the education sector?
We have built our line of products based on the understanding that education remains one of our best vertical markets, and that is evident in our Chromebook products (in collaboration with Google) to bring a complete learning experience for all students. While partial remote learning became a more favorable method of education post-pandemic, even in the cases where students will attend schools physically, we want to ensure a smooth and cohesive digital learning experience for as many students as possible in this region.

In line with this, we have recently announced four new Chromebooks which offer the latest in technology, durability, design, sustainability, and performance features that are optimized for the education sector. The Chromebook Education Upgrade rolled out onto Chromebooks 314, 511, 512, and Spin 311, allows teachers and administrators to focus on leveraging the full capabilities of these products, while the Chrome OS ensures students can focus on learning with a robust and secure device.

Likewise, we have worked closely with Microsoft to further enhance our products for the educational sector, which includes ensuring the recently-introduced Windows 11 for Education updates for the TravelMate B3 and TravelMate Spin B3 models. Offering durable design, antimicrobial coating, and over 10-hour battery life, these laptops will provide optimizable and secure solutions for customers of education products, while also being cost-effective. We are proud that Acer is among the first brands to carry devices offering the new OS.

Do you see an increased uptake in gaming in the region?
Most definitely. The gaming industry in the region is currently thriving with continuous updates and launches designed for both the average as well as professional gamers. We are proud of the popularity of our Predator and Nitro line-up in the region, and continue to enhance this range with our R&D team working tirelessly to construct carefully engineered superior gaming units for all gamers alike.

Acer continuously refreshes and updates all its products, and both the Nitro and Predator line-up is no different as it is essential to keep up with gamers’ needs for faster, smoother, and operationally-sound performance throughout all new and exciting games. Some of our recent enhancements include the refreshed Predator gaming stationary set up which offers a new design for the Predator Orion Desktops. Similarly, we have also introduced 32-inch Predator X32 gaming monitors, aimed at leveraging the best-in-class components which have also earned the prestigious CES ‘Innovation Award’.

We have also enhanced our Predator gaming notebooks to include the new 11th Gen Intel® Core™ H-series processors and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 Series GPUs. For Nitro, in addition to Intel and NVIDIA updates, we have upgraded to AMD 5th Gen Ryzen CPUs for powerful yet ultraportable gaming.

Acer also has a range specifically for creators. How has the uptake been for those products?
We have dedicated an entire line-up just for our content creators to provide them with the necessary cutting-edge technology for challenging and creative outputs. Introducing the ConceptD SpatialLabs Edition, which is a unique technology that visualises 3D content in real-time, combining an eye-tracking stereo camera, a stereoscopic 3D display, and real-time rendering technologies gives creators a new way to interact with their creations.

Likewise, the new ConceptD 5 models also include a 16:10 16-inch display, providing enough space for content creators to view their videos and edit tracks without having to resize taskbars or hide preview windows. Complimenting all of this is the PANTONE-Validated display which supports 100% of the DCI-P3 color gamut, plus a color accuracy rating of Delta E<2.

The ConceptD line-up, especially with the recent introduction of SpatialLabs technologies, was greatly admired by content creators, for facilitating demanding artistic operations and addressing different scenarios. From product and architecture CAD to projects with 3D graphics, we have been able to introduce to designers their 3D creations in 3D during the workflow, as they feel more empowered with new ways of storytelling.

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