GITEX Global 2022: Nutanix to Focus on Emerging Alliances Such As HYCU, ArcServ, and Stratodesk

Mohammed Abulhouf, the Senior Sales Director for the Middle East at Nutanix, says the company has re-packaged its solutions to make them even more simple, in order to offer a consistent operating model across all types of clouds

Are you participating in GITEX Global 2022? If yes, which products and solutions will you be showcasing at the event?
Yes, Nutanix will be participating at GITEX Global 2022. We will be sharing our company’s vision and strategy that emphasizes that enterprises should never settle for Cloud chaos, but rather, embrace a hybrid multi-cloud platform that prioritizes simplicity, flexibility, and freedom of choice.

Over the past year, Nutanix has re-packaged its solutions to make them even more simple, in order to offer a consistent operating model across all types of clouds: public, private, and hybrid. The company has created an easy-to-consume set of solutions to support customers’ digital transformation initiatives. The new portfolio removes the complexity often associated with offering a full range of hybrid cloud services.

The simplification of packaging, metering, and pricing enables customers to easily plan for their changing needs. Customers can accelerate their cloud journey by taking advantage of Nutanix validated designs and deployment best practices for 5 common use cases around which the company has designed its solution portfolio. We are keen to demonstrate these innovations at GITEX:

  • Nutanix Cloud Infrastructure (NCI):  Providing complete software solutions including virtual compute, storage, and networking for virtual machines and containers, that can be deployed in private data centers on the hardware of the organization’s choice or in public clouds
  • Nutanix Cloud Manager (NCM): If an organization is managing multiple cloud deployments, Nutanix can support by driving consistent governance across private and public clouds, helping customers accelerate their cloud journey
  • Nutanix Unified Storage (NUS): Nutanix supports a variety of workloads deployed anywhere – private, public, or hybrid by allowing software-defined storage for multiple protocols (volumes, files, objects). This is a single point of management for all storage resources
  • Nutanix End User Computing Solutions: This speaks to running applications and workloads anywhere, on any device supporting the new normal of remote work and remote learning
  • Nutanix Database Service (NDB): Simplifies database management across hybrid multi-cloud environments for database engines like PostgreSQL, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle Database

One of the key areas of discussions at GITEX will be around ‘data’ – the new currency in a digital world. Companies are increasingly struggling with managing their databases in an efficient manner. Wouldn’t it be great if an organization’s databases just worked, with all the complexity and tedium of database administration and maintenance hidden from view?

We’ve done just that with Nutanix Era, a Database-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution ‘On Your Terms’. In the same way, the Nutanix Cloud Platform has made IT infrastructure ‘invisible’, Nutanix Era is a database lifecycle management software that runs on the Nutanix Cloud Platform and empowers organizations to achieve invisible databases. Era can manage databases deployed on on-premises infrastructure and on a public cloud of choice, making it a true multi-cloud solution ready to modernize databases.

What are your expectations from the event this year?
As always, GITEX offers a brilliant platform to promote our brand. Most importantly, it’s a way to reconnect with our customers and partners at scale. We anticipate even more traffic coming in from the other GCC countries, such as Saudi Arabia – which is a hyper-growth market for us.

What will be your theme of participation at GITEX?
Nutanix will be exhibiting with the theme ‘Cloud on Your Terms’ with the intention of helping regional organizations master the art of Cloud freedom

Do you plan to run any online engagements such as webinars and offline engagements such as tech talks, demos, keynotes,  and so on, alongside GITEX?
We are running a series of executive dinners during GITEX week and have several MoU signings that will occur at our stand. Nutanix will showcase its beautiful stand H6-A30 in Hall 6 at GITEX, which has been designed to be an inviting, safe, and open space for great conversations. This year key alliance partners and resellers have been welcomed to participate along with the company. The focus is on emerging alliances including HYCU, ArcServ, and Stratodesk.

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