GITEX Global 2022: Mimecast to Show Off its X1 Platform

Werno Gevers, the Cybersecurity Specialist at Mimecast, speaks about his company’s participation at GITEX

Are you participating in GITEX Global 2022? If yes, which products and solutions will you be showcasing at the event?
Mimecast is excited to participate in GITEX Global 2022 and will be sharing a stand with API partner Netskope in Hall 1 – E2. We will be showcasing the availability of the Mimecast X1™ Platform. The widespread adoption of hybrid work environments coupled with the increased usage of digital-centric communication channels has expanded the attack surface – creating new organisational security risks for both people and data.

By safeguarding email and business communications, the Mimecast X1 Platform is engineered to leverage a rich source of intelligence to learn about people and how they collaborate. These insights enable organisations to work protected by protecting their people, data, and communications.

The Mimecast X1 Platform is designed to mitigate risk across email communications – the No. 1 attack vector – and help empower organisations to secure their workplace environment wherever work happens. It serves as the foundation of the Mimecast Product Suite – built to drive industry-leading detection capabilities, deliver reliability, resilience, and scale, and transform data into insights that turn email and collaboration security into the eyes and ears of organisations worldwide.

The Mimecast X1 Platform underpins four core innovations designed to mitigate risk and manage complexities, namely:

  • Mimecast X1 Precision Detection, which is engineered to apply the latest advancements in AI and machine learning to enable the intelligent detection of emerging and unknown threat types.
  • Mimecast X1 Service Fabric, which allows customers to grow security seamlessly and uncover user insights that can accelerate detection and response, forming the foundation of cloud-delivered security at scale.
  • Mimecast X1 Data Analytics is built with one primary goal in mind: making information actionable for customers. It does this by providing the foundation for a wide array of services and capabilities, including the discovery and analysis of new threats, accelerated product innovation, the rich context for threat researchers, and support for the cross-correlation of data with systems beyond email.
  • Mimecast Extensible Security Hooks (MESH), which exposes a vast API ecosystem that supports fast, simplified integration of Mimecast with existing security investments through hundreds of integrations to third-party security solutions spanning SIEM, SOAR, EDR, TIP, and XDR.

What are your expectations from the event this year?
As with every GITEX, we look forward to sharing our new solutions with the market and connecting with customers, partners, and other like-minded organisations to discuss the latest developments in cybersecurity and better understand how Mimecast can support them.

Since we’re sharing a stand with our partner Netskope, we also hope to showcase how organisations can leverage Netskope’s security cloud and Mimecast’s email security to provide better protection against a broad range of attack types. We will also use the opportunity as a forum to launch our exciting new X1 Platform and help customers and partners to better understand what it takes to work protected in the modern economy.

What will be your theme of participation at GITEX?
In addition to the Work Protected message that Mimecast is focusing on at a regional and global level, we are also looking at themes of performance and collaboration.

In light of the sheer breadth and scale of the cyber threats facing organisations, integrated cyber resilience solutions can protect organisations at speed and scale. In today’s fast-paced business environment, organisations need the ability to reduce risk, accelerate performance and drive collaboration.

This is only possible if organisations can mitigate threats across their email, web, and cloud environments, gain real-time zero-trust data protection capabilities, access improved threat intelligence, and gain full control and visibility over the threats they face, wherever work happens.

In collaboration with our API partner Netskope, we hope to illustrate how organisations can improve control and reduce risk by using a layered security strategy. Organisations using the Mimecast/Netskope integration, for example, can reduce the likelihood of attack success, gain effective omnichannel data leak prevention, respond to risk programmatically and maintain an up-to-date security posture.

Since October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we also hope to use the opportunity to bring light to the importance of regular, effective, and ongoing cyber awareness training to strengthen the human firewall and equip employees with the knowledge and insight to identify and avoid risky online behaviour.

Do you plan to run any online engagements such as webinars and offline engagements such as tech talks, demos, keynotes,  and so on, alongside GITEX?

At the stand, we are bringing the performance theme to life with a driving simulator to showcase the speed, control and agility needed to protect modern organisations. There may even be some F1 tickets to win.

Mimecast will also host a Happy Hour evening on Tuesday 11 October at the Ernst Biergarten at 25hours Hotel Dubai One Central. Product demos are also planned for the stand.

How have your regional strategies changed in recent months?
In light of our growing dependence on email and collaboration tools due to the rise of hybrid work and the broader impact of technology, our task is to enable everyone to work protected, wherever work happens.

Companies have always faced the risk of malicious actors, human error, and technological fallibility. Our strategy has evolved to focus on reducing risk and complexity for our customers, especially as the adoption of collaboration tools soars.

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