GITEX Global 2022: CrowdStrike Participates Under the Theme “Redefining XDR”

Roland Daccache, the Systems Engineering Manager for META at CrowdStrike, says the company wants to connect with the event’s visitors, prospects, customers, and partners

Are you participating in GITEX Global 2022? If yes, which products and solutions will you be showcasing at the event?
This year we are excited to be participating in GITEX, with our local distributor Cyberknight, focusing on the theme of XDR and log management. We will be demonstrating our new platform modules, specifically identity protection, with so many customers looking forward to enhancing their Active Directory security posture, and we will also be showcasing our new capabilities in the threat intelligence space.

What are your expectations from the event this year?
GITEX is one of the largest exhibitions in the region, and with the world finally returning to some level of normality following the pandemic, we are thrilled to connect with the event visitors, prospects, customers, and partners, to listen to their pain points and discuss how CrowdStrike can help with all aspects of their cybersecurity aspirations.

What will be your theme of participation at GITEX?
Our theme for the year is “redefining XDR”. With a lot of buzz in the market around XDR, we are focused this year on bringing to our audience the value of XDR, the foundational elements of EDR, identity, and threat intelligence, and how all of these components weave together to protect the organizations’ bottom line.

Do you plan to run any online engagements such as webinars and offline engagements such as tech talks, demos, keynotes, and so on, alongside GITEX?
We already have two sessions scheduled at GITEX. I encourage all attendees to look them up in the event agenda and join us! We are running the CrowdStrike Adversary Universe World Tour in Dubai in the same week in the evening, as part of our 28 cities tour across EMEA – an example of the many activities planned in Dubai and the region for the year.

How have your regional strategies changed in recent months?
We have listened to the pain points of organizations in the Middle East, and taken initiative to significantly expand our workforce regionally, to help us serve more clients in the areas of EDR, XDR, identity protection, log management, and threat intelligence. On a global scale, we have also introduced many new modules and capabilities and acquired an external attack surface management solution to help our customers reduce their digital risk exposure.

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