Linksys to Build up on its Partnership with Fortinet

Amanulla Khan, the Managing Director of Linksys Middle East, Turkey, and Africa, speaks about their recent participation at GITEX, hybrid workplaces, and the role Linksys plays today

Tell us about your participation at GITEX. Which key products and solutions were showcased?
The focus of our brand was Homewrk for Business – a remote, turn-key firewall networking solution that enables businesses to extend enterprise-grade speed, reliability, and security to employees’ home offices, allowing them to achieve real-time visibility to monitor the entire network and improve network performance.

This level of cybersecurity used to be only present in the office but is now available in the home of every employee, so it’s a really compelling proposition for businesses of all sizes. We were also proud to showcase our SMB portfolio, 5G products, and key consumer solutions like the Hydra Pro 6E router. We had a very positive response from everyone we engaged with on our stand.

What were your expectations from the event?
GITEX is always a fantastic opportunity to meet with lots of relevant stakeholders because it is a time where the industry’s brightest are in the same room. Our goal was to showcase our SMB and consumer propositions and elaborate on what makes Linksys products the optimum choice, which we believe we accomplished successfully. It’s also a great moment to explore the wider market and discover innovative trends.

Post-GITEX what were the key learnings?
Every year, GITEX teaches us that the key players in the industry are relentlessly pushing the envelope when it comes to innovation. Being among these players is a reminder for us to continue developing and rigorously testing our solutions to ensure the best possible experience for our customers and end consumers.

How will you use them to better your product and marketing strategies for the rest of the year and beyond?
The value we bring to our customers and retail partners will continue to be top of mind for us as a business. Our aim is to provide best-in-class marketing support as well as excellent customer experiences to uphold our legacy in the networking industry. We will be improving our solutions to work seamlessly within the regional networking infrastructure and expand WiFi accessibility.

With hybrid workplaces now becoming a norm, what role does Linksys play today?
Businesses operating a hybrid or remote working setup need to ensure their solutions are as fast, strong, and secure as their employees would experience in the office. Our customers and retail partners need reliable solutions that deliver enterprise-grade performance. Businesses are now able to offer solid networking setups for their employees without compromising on security or work performance.

We’re extremely enthusiastic about our partnership with Fortinet. As a global leader in cybersecurity solutions, they bring in their expertise to safeguard against cyber threats introduced by home networks and automatically block suspicious malware, prevents intrusions, filter harmful content, and more. This combined with our leading expertise in wireless networking products enables us to provide reliable and secure solutions for businesses and individuals alike.

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