Logitech Ensures Equal Learning and Teaching Experiences at GESS Dubai

Logitech has announced its participation at the Global Education Supplies & Solutions Dubai (GESS), where it will be showcasing the “New Logic of Learning,” the Logitech platform which includes solutions for both students and teachers alike to ensure equitable learning and teaching experience. In today’s hybrid reality, schools and other educational facilities have embraced the live webcast model. Logitech’s solutions for both teachers and students ensure efficient planning, student connection, and productive communication that helps bridge the gap between students learning online and their teachers by giving them a real-life-like experience.

“Today’s hybrid models are a blend of both in-class and remote setups, which increases the challenges faced by teachers and students to have a seamless learning experience,” said Loubna Imenchal, Head of Enterprise Business at Logitech AMECA. “Preparing lesson plan materials, whether from the classroom or home requires teachers to have the right setup to plan and create engaging content for students. In addition, classrooms today need to empower teachers to seamlessly direct student attention while allowing active group dialogue and student-teacher collaboration. From parent-teacher conferences to staff meetings, teachers need solutions that support the conversations focused on supporting and empowering students.”

Logitech solutions give students the power to learn and find their voice by boosting knowledge, information retention, and achievement. Masterminds, doodlers, note-takers, listeners, and presenters alike can all find the solutions – and the learning methods – that light up and open up new worlds. Logitech will highlight a range of cutting-edge solutions, including the Rally Bar video conferencing solutions for small, medium, and large rooms, and Logitech Scribe, an AI-powered whiteboard camera for meeting rooms and classrooms.

Compatible with leading services like Microsoft Teams and Zoom, Logitech Scribe broadcasts whiteboard content into video meetings with incredible clarity, virtually transporting everyone into the same room. AI enables the device to render the user invisible so that they don’t get in the way of the content they are creating on the whiteboard.

A student’s world unfolds when they can learn without boundaries, express themselves, and embrace their unique learning style. From a mouse to an external keyboard, even simple tools can significantly impact the learning experience.

“The New Logic of Learning” offers solutions for education that spark innovation and open up possibilities so students of all learning styles, backgrounds, and locations can thrive. Sometimes, all that it takes are a few adjustments or additions to an existing setup to make learning accessible and fun for students – regardless of age, learning style, or location,” added Loubna Imenchal, Head of Enterprise Business at Logitech AMECA. “The right solutions can break barriers, allowing students to collaborate without distraction, and ensuring rich educational experiences are always within accessible reach.”

Logitech solutions fit hand-in-hand with existing setups, whether it’s iPads on the go, Chromebooks that open the door to the world for students, at-home or in-the-classroom setups, or shared and personal Windows computers and laptops. Adding a headset ensures students hear and can be heard clearly, which improves focus and connection. Additionally, external keyboards and mice support healthy setups and shared setups at school, such as in labs.

When teaching remotely, educators need to ensure that all students can see and hear them clearly to capture – and keep – their attention. External webcams let teachers show different fields of view and allow using whiteboards or other materials for a more natural teaching and learning experience. In addition, webcams can be mounted on a monitor or a tripod for further flexibility. And matched perfectly with this is a noise-cancelling headset that blocks unwanted background noise at the teacher’s location so students hear the teacher clearly.

Logitech takes things even further by enabling creative ways for teachers to collaborate with students by positioning standalone microphones throughout the classroom, lab, or other spaces to ensure every voice is heard, every time. Using styluses—Crayon or Logitech Pen—allows teachers to move through the room freely while making notations directly onto students’ iPads or Chromebooks with no pairing required—students simply start writing.

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