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Mitsumi Distribution to Position Itself as a Thought Leader Through Seminars and Workshops

Jagat Shah, the Chairman, and CEO at Mitsumi Distribution, speaks about his company’s participation at GITEX Africa 2023

What sort of market and tech trends do you foresee for the African market?
Africa is home to a rapidly expanding consumer market, driven by factors such as population growth, urbanization, and rising disposable incomes. This presents opportunities for various industries, including technology and consumer electronics.

In the swiftly evolving IT distribution landscape, cloud computing, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence (AI), Enterprise solutions, and e-commerce are experiencing significant technological advancements. Mitsumi Distribution is committed to integrating these technologies and developments into its IT distribution strategies.

We collaborate closely with our vendors to identify and source the newest and most innovative products and solutions, ensuring that we remain ahead of the curve and meet our customers’ changing needs. Moreover, we invest in training and development programs for our team members in order to empower them with the knowledge and skills required to effectively support and advise our customers.

Tell us about your participation at GITEX Africa. What will be your theme of participation?
Mitsumi’s participation in GITEX Africa offers the company the chance to exhibit its products and services to an international audience. Mitsumi has offices in more than 18+ countries across Africa, where it has been functioning since 1998. Mitsumi is able to network with prospective clients and business partners at GITEX Africa, as well as acquire insight into the most recent technological and market trends.

During GITEX cutting-edge technologies will be showcased. This could include displays and demonstrations of products and solutions related to hardware, networking, cloud computing, security, software, and other relevant areas. Furthermore, we will provide networking opportunities for attendees, facilitating connections between technology providers, industry experts, and potential clients or partners. This can foster collaborations and encourage knowledge exchange within the African technology ecosystem.

Which products and solutions will you be showcasing?
During GITEX, Mitsumi Distribution is likely to showcase a wide range of products and solutions from various technology sectors. We will showcase IT products such as computer hardware components, peripherals, networking devices, and storage solutions. This could include servers, desktop computers, laptops, monitors, printers, and other IT accessories. Telco and a range of enterprise-level solutions to support businesses’ IT infrastructure and operations will be displayed. This can include enterprise software solutions, cloud computing services, cybersecurity solutions, data management and analytics tools, and collaboration platforms.

What is your expectation from the inaugural GITEX Africa event?
During GITEX Africa 2023, our aim is to delve into diverse business prospects, encompassing potential collaborations, acquiring new customers, and broadening our range of products and solutions. Our primary focus is to actively engage with potential partners and customers, showcasing our dedication to providing innovative technology solutions that empower businesses across Africa to prosper. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to connect and demonstrate our commitment at GITEX Africa 2023.

What sort of activities have you planned around GITEX Africa?
To maximise our presence at GITEX, Mitsumi has planned a range of activities. We will set up a prominent booth to showcase our latest products and services, emphasising our commitment to delivering high-quality technology solutions in Africa. Our team of experts will engage with attendees, answering questions and exploring potential business opportunities.

Additionally, we will host seminars and workshops to share valuable insights on IT trends and foster thought leadership. Networking sessions and industry meet-ups will enable us to forge new partnerships and strengthen existing relationships. Through these activities, we aim to create a dynamic and interactive presence, showcasing our offerings, engaging with attendees, and fostering knowledge exchange and networking opportunities.

How will you use the event to strengthen your presence in the African market?
Mitsumi will leverage GITEX Africa to strengthen its presence in the African market through strategic initiatives. By showcasing its latest products and services at the booth, engaging with attendees, and exploring potential business opportunities, Mitsumi aims to build brand visibility and establish itself as a trusted technology partner in Africa.

The seminars and workshops hosted by Mitsumi will position the company as a thought leader, sharing valuable insights and expertise on IT trends and emerging technologies. Through active participation in networking sessions and industry meet-ups, Mitsumi will expand its network, forge new partnerships, and enhance relationships with existing stakeholders. By leveraging GITEX Africa, Mitsumi seeks to solidify its position in the African market, drive growth, and continue delivering innovative technology solutions to meet the evolving needs of customers.

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