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Bing Chat is Now Officially Available for Chrome

In a celebration of Bing Chat’s six-month journey, Microsoft has highlighted a series of triumphs since its initial launch. These accomplishments encompass multimodal visual search within chat, third-party browser integration, the introduction of Bing Image Creator, and a significant milestone of 100 million daily active users on Bing.

Among the key enhancements, the most noteworthy was the decision to open the tool to preview, effectively granting broader access without the necessity of a Microsoft account. However, while the chatbot has primarily resided within the realm of Microsoft Edge, exceptions were made through extensions enabling users to employ Bing Chat across third-party browsers. This expansion has been long-awaited by users eager to experience Bing Chat on alternative browsers.

Last month, Microsoft initiated a round of invitations to Chrome users, encouraging them to explore the new Bing while web browsing. Despite enabling the extension and designating Bing as the default search engine, Chrome users faced limitations in fully harnessing the tool’s capabilities. Features like Chat mode remained exclusive to those with access to the new Bing interface.

Now, Microsoft has made an official announcement through its weekly release notes, unveiling the availability of its AI-powered chatbot within Chrome. This marks a significant step, signalling Microsoft’s commitment to expanding Bing Chat’s reach. It’s worth noting that earlier reports indicated Bing Chat’s impending launch on Google Chrome and Safari, and Microsoft has now affirmed this move. Furthermore, the company has revealed intentions to extend support to additional browsers on both desktop and mobile platforms.

The release notes also spotlight other notable changes brought about by Microsoft:

  1. Introduction of Bing Chat Enterprise on Edge Mobile
  2. Rollout of new templates for the Bing search page
  3. Increased accessibility to Bing Chat integrated with SwiftKey

These recent developments underscore Microsoft’s dedication to refining and expanding the Bing Chat experience across various platforms and browsers.

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