BeyondTrust Introduces Workforce Passwords Solution

BeyondTrust has announced Workforce Passwords, a new capability built into BeyondTrust Password Safe, designed to securely store and manage business application passwords. Available with the Password Safe 23.2 release, Workforce Passwords delivers enterprise-level workforce password management by giving customers the ability to manage business application passwords with the same scrutiny and security previously reserved for privileged accounts. With this release, organizations can reduce spend and consolidate tools while gaining the visibility and audit support needed in an enterprise-class solution.

Managing access to employee business accounts has never been more important. Today’s workforce uses an increasing number of tools to accomplish daily tasks. These tools can include design, project management, and collaboration solutions that are not visible or controlled by IT because they don’t offer or aren’t enabled with the organization’s single sign-on security—even though they may contain confidential or proprietary information.

Without a solution in place to help manage business application passwords, users risk falling back on risky password practices, including password reuse, insecure storage, password sharing, and non-compliance with corporate password policies. The new Workforce Passwords add-on helps organizations bring employee business passwords under management and control access to the underlying applications.

Workforce Passwords leverages the power of Password Safe’s enterprise-level solution to extend convenience and security to business user applications.

Benefits of BeyondTrust Workforce Passwords include:

  • An easy-to-use browser plugin that enhances the convenience of retrieval and auto-fills passwords using a modern browser extension
  • The convenience of consumer password managers, secured and scaled for the enterprise
  • The use of personal folders to safely store and secure individual credentials
  • Easy adoption with rapid value for users who download the browser extension from the Chrome Web Store or Microsoft Edge Add-on Store
  • Comprehensive audit capabilities that enhance visibility and security
  • Enforcement of password policy compliance across all applications

“Workforce Passwords redefines how organizations manage all passwords across the organization, providing a comprehensive solution that secures privileged and non-privileged accounts within a single tool,” said Sam Elliott, SVP of Products at BeyondTrust. “By enabling organizations to efficiently and securely manage their digital identities, we are paving the way for advancements in cybersecurity that protect vital assets in today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape.”

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