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Zepth Incorporates AI Capabilities into its Construction Management SaaS Software

Zepth has integrated Artificial Intelligence (AI) into its construction management SaaS platform. “The integration will see Zepth deploy 40 AI agents to reach an artificial general intelligence (AGI) status where its machine will have human-level intelligence — a first-of-its-kind endeavour in the Middle East and worldwide.,” the company said.

“Zepth stands at the forefront of the AI revolution, redefining the common-data environment with AGI-driven human-level intelligence. Our platform epitomizes intelligence, simplicity, and efficiency, designed for the modern world. Zepth’s AI-driven solutions are delivering extraordinary efficiency and precision to clients globally. The traditional Big Tech solutions, while once groundbreaking, now lag in a rapidly changing world. They are complex relics of a bygone era — no longer the best fit for today’s dynamic industry needs,” said Prasoon Shrivastava, the Founder of Zepth.

According to Shrivastava, the AI Risk Manager will harness the power of AGI, with 40 AI agents proactively identifying potential risks, collaborating, carrying out likelihood and impact assessments, and assisting in mitigation plans for the identified risks, to enable project managers to make data-driven decisions. Zepth says it is expanding its AI ecosystem to include hundreds of specialised agents, each designed to adapt to the complex, ever-changing demands of construction management.

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