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Nutanix Launches AI Partner Program

Nutanix has launched a new Nutanix AI Partner Program dedicated to simplifying AI implementation while accelerating customer outcomes. Mohammad Abulhouf, Sr. Director and GM EMEA Emerging Markets at Nutanix comments, “In the rapidly evolving AI landscape, most enterprises find themselves in uncharted territory. Many customers are relatively new to AI, focusing primarily on the application layer as they work to understand where new capabilities can yield maximum value for their business. Nutanix is dedicated to working with its AI partners to educate customers about both potential solutions and the optimal underlying infrastructure. Through this collaboration, the AI Partnership aims to provide customers not only with a validated ecosystem but also a reliable guide for their AI journey. For customers just starting to develop a roadmap for adopting AI across the organization, this program will provide a true educational hub for best practices.”

“Nutanix is committed to leadership in the emerging AI ecosystem, and we believe our AI Partner Program will have a key role to play in helping our customers identify the right on-premises AI solutions for their unique business needs,” Abulhouf continues. Through collaborations with prominent AI innovators such as DataRobot, Codeium, Pryon, Neural Magic, DKube and others, Nutanix is poised to assist clients in addressing top enterprise use cases including chatbots, document/content search, code generation, model hallucination detection, and MLOps.

The company partners through Engineering Collaboration and Product Integration with leading AI players such as Hugging Face for providing up-to-the-minute, validated LLMs to help businesses deploy and run AI in their applications and Nvidia – with Nvidia AI Enterprise providing an end-2-end AI infrastructure for enterprise deployments, helping enterprises more easily adopt generative AI by integrating NVIDIA NIM microservices in Nutanix GPT-in-a-Box 2.0. These partnerships enable businesses to expedite the realization of AI benefits, boost productivity, minimize inefficiencies, and enhance overall user experience.

While enterprises have a number of options for both, generative and predictive AI using public cloud services, there are far fewer alternatives for on-premises inference solutions suitable for sensitive internal data sets, especially in heavily regulated sectors such as government and financial services. That’s why in August 2023, Nutanix announced a breakthrough development for customer choice and simplified AI deployment and management with its GPT-in-a-Box solution.

The platform helps organizations jumpstart their AI transformation with optimal infrastructure that delivers control, privacy, and security to maximize AI success. The latest iteration, GPT-in-a-Box 2.0, is a secure, full-stack enterprise AI platform built on web-scale data services to deploy large language models (LLMs), ML Operations (MLOps), and generative AI (GenAI) apps anywhere – from core to edge to cloud.

As the AI/ML industry landscape continues to evolve, enterprises will require confidence not only in AI solutions but also in the underlying infrastructure. Nutanix has gone about developing a diverse AI ecosystem with industry-leading partners. Nutanix customers can take the guesswork out of AI implementation with a set of validated full-stack solutions built in collaboration with best-of-breed AI companies across the globe.

The Nutanix AI Partner Program includes companies that specialize in all foundational elements necessary for effective AI solutions at enterprise scale including:

  1. Generative AI Industry Applications – Companies leveraging AI technology, including Large Language Models (LLMs) and other AI models, to develop business applications for use cases like enterprise search, code generation, image recognition, and more.
  2. Model Operations (LLM and ML Ops) – Companies focusing on operationalization and management of AI models throughout their lifecycle. From development and training to deployment and monitoring, these companies provide tools and platforms to streamline the process of building and maintaining AI models at scale. Key features included in MLOps solutions include version control, automated testing, continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD), and performance optimization capabilities.
  3. Compute Infrastructure – Companies specializing in providing the necessary hardware and software infrastructure to support AI and ML workloads. This includes high-performance computing (HPC) clusters, GPU servers, compute optimization solutions, and cloud-based AI services.
  4. AI Consulting and Data Services Partners – Companies working with Nutanix customers to deliver AI advisory services, data preparation and transformation, model customization and optimization, AI application development, and so on.
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