Rysha Media provides clients with a diverse set of marketing and advertising opportunities. Our team of marketing specialists recommend customised advertising solutions, depending on the varied marketing objectives of our clients’ business (because we know “one-size-fits-all” doesn’t work anymore). Our online advertising specialists can offer diverse opportunities to project your communication to each of them.

As a multi-platform publisher and provider of marketing solutions (online, events, promotions and database marketing), we believe that ‘business-as-usual’ advertising services no longer deliver effective results for marketers. This is why our team employs unconventional approaches and creates specially targeted, quality-focused and measurability-oriented solutions for your business’ or product’s unique marketing objectives.

Our team of marketing and content specialists design special content platforms, promotions, events and lead generation campaigns to deliver tangible success in technology and lifestyle marketing initiatives

Web Advertisements
As audiences in the Middle East adopt the internet, online advertising is fast becoming another powerful option for media planners and marketing specialists trying to promote their brand or generate business leads.

Rysha Media specialises in creating innovative promotion opportunities and managing their smooth execution for clients to build brand or product recall and increase understanding of the benefits and USPs of their products.

Rysha Media’s events provide the ideal platform to increase visibility and generate leads for businesses. We also partner with clients to create their own networking and showcasing events which help position them as experts in their field of business.

Database Marketing
If you are trying to reach out to a larger audience which is already interested in technology products? Try our database of more than 130,000 active technology enthusiasts and gadget lovers for maximum effectiveness and great ROI. We also have an SMB database of 70,000 businesses, a channel database of 15,000 channel partners and a gamer database of 13,000 hardcore gamers.

Custom Publishing
Our editorial teams help create topical content supplements with high-quality content and design which can add value to your customer offerings and provide greater mindshare for your brand or product.

This is a special service offered to clients whose brand or product has been featured in our magazine and who would like an article from our publications reproduced for private circulation to enhance credibility.

For Advertising and Marketing enquiries, please contact:

Ranbir Sen
Sales and Marketing Manager
+971 55 1061541

For Editorial enquiries, please contact:

Chris Fernando
+971 50 5013620

Priyan Sampath

Edward Frank

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