Huawei Launches Honor 8 in the Middle East

Huawei has announced the launch of its new Honor 8 in the Middle East region. The much anticipated device is a significant game-changer from honor as it offers even more value to the end user, as it’s not only packed with cutting edge, smart technology, but has a phenomenal aesthetical appeal, boasting a stunning glass exterior.  The device is available on at AED 1599 from 1st September.

Designed for digital natives with a unique, strong sense of style, the honor 8 stands out from the crowd. The 3D grate design has been created with a resilient two-sided 2.5D, 15 layer glass body, which reflects light producing an aurora effect with intricate patterns, meaning no two phones appear the same.

Not only is the honor 8 showcasing a gorgeous exterior, but also puts beauty in the hands of its end-users. The world-class camera features and intuitive software offers seriously impressive functionality. With the 12 MP dual camera, a RGB and monochrome sensor, the device captures more light to deliver amazing picture quality, vivid colour and stunning details in daylight or at night.

The device lends itself to aspiring photographers and selfie fans with its exciting new photography modes, manual operation capability, as well as its 8MP wide-angle front-facing camera that works well even in low-light. The honor 8 boasts powerful functionality to match its look, with a 0.4 second phone unlock and smart-key function to set up instant access to any part of the phone, making it incredibly intuitive.

Its 3,000 mAh battery with Smart Power 4.0 maximises stand-by time allowing the honor 8 to keep going for up to 1.22 days of heavy usage. Just ten minutes of charging will allow two hours call time, and 30 minutes will re-charge the device to 47%.

Chris Sun Baigong, Vice President Huawei honor Middle East CBG commented, “The honor 8’s design and technology is fundamentally borne from the needs and desires of our end-users. We are conscious that people want their smartphones to be an extension of their own unique style, and the technology they choose is a part of that expression. We also recognise that the smartphone market has focused on small, functional innovations, but we believe in being different and offering world-class overall experience integrating the software, design of the phone, touch sense, camera, battery life and more.”

In addition to its eye catching appeal, the honor 8 is packed with high specs. Boasting 8-core CPU up to 2.3 GHZ, 4GB RAM, Kirin 950, i5 CO processor and Rapid-Smart file processing system. For users, this means flawless multi-tasking, seamless gaming, increased processing speed and more space for well-loved apps.

Sun Baigong continued, “We are really excited to bring the honor 8 here to the Middle East as we feel it will capture the attention of smartphone users here with both its beauty and brains. We are proud to be able to offer more people the kind of technology normally accessible only to those with the wallet power to match, as the honor 8 blows its price competitors out of the water.” With the honor 8, Huawei is offering a free pick-up and delivery service in UAE and KSA for handsets under warranty and free screen protection warranty for three months.

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