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MOHAP Renews and Expands its Colaboration with Cerner

The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP) has renewed and expanded its collaboration with Cerner, for the continued implementation of its enterprise wide health IT system, called the Wareed project. The project is designed to establish a streamlined and accessible electronic health record (EHR) between United Arab Emirates (UAE) health facilities and a consolidated health information database of MOHAP patients through the use of an integrated health care IT system.

Cerner’s solutions and services will support 17 UAE health facilities and 86 primary care clinics, including more than 2,200 beds. Each patient will be assigned a corresponding record number to access facilities and consult physicians, a process that will contribute toward the unified national database of patient medical records platform. The presence of this national database will help facilitate patient transfer and provide the exchange of medical record data between public hospitals and private clinics. It will also give providers access to health information, including scheduling, registration, emergency, pharmacy, radiology, surgery and other health data.

Mubaraka Ibrahim, Director, Health Information Systems Department, MOHAP, explained, “Cerner will order zithromax canada provide the Ministry with the essential solutions and services needed to develop and manage Wareed, including licenses, software and technical support. Cerner will also implement its CareAware connectivity architecture – a comprehensive system wide approach for device connectivity, alarm management and care team communication – across key facilities. We are also excited to open four smart maternity rooms that will be supported by Cerner’s technology and infrastructure. Through these expanded services and technologies, the Ministry hopes to realize reduced hospital costs and expenses, and also further the development, enhancement and improvement of health care services in the UAE.”

Under the new, long-term agreement, Cerner will work with the Ministry to implement an anesthesia management program and family encoding license system (meds barcoding) for Al Baraha Hospital. In addition, MOHAP will have access to Cerner associates who will manage a centralized help desk, learning and adoption services, clinical leadership and reporting and device integration. Cerner will also work with new graduates from universities in the UAE to train the local workforce in clinical informatics.

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