Mimecast Speaks About Cyber Security Attack Techniques at RSA Conference 2016

Mimecast Limited, a leading email and data security company, announced that its Chief Security Strategist, Steven Malone, spoke at RSA Conference 2016 Abu Dhabi, which took place from 15-16 November 2016 in Abu Dhabi. Steven Malone discussed how ‘91 Percent of Cyberattacks Start with Email: Addressing “Human Firewall” Flaws’. His session explored top attack vectors such as social engineering attacks, ransomware as well as CEO fraud attacks, the impact that human error has on an organization’s security and an outline of strategies for building a more resilient human firewall.

Sharing his experience, Steven Malone, Chief Security Strategist, Mimecast said, “Organizations are being attacked by cyber criminals with greater frequency and sophistication than ever before. Historically businesses have turned to advanced technology to protect themselves from cyber-attacks, but this buy zithromax with no prescription approach is just not enough. With more than 90 percent of cyber-attacks using email as the attack vector, it is essential that organizations strengthen their email security strategy as well as create a ‘human firewall’ because hacking a human is often easier than breaching a business.”

“At RSA Conference Abu Dhabi, I spoke about the threats organizations face through socially-engineered email attacks and how to increase awareness of these threats, encourage a behavior change towards security, and invoke a stronger human firewall to help protect their business from future attacks,” he added.

In its second year, RSA Conference 2016 Abu Dhabi is the premier platform for attendees to learn from the most skilled individuals in cybersecurity, better enabling them to protect their valuable business assets.

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