Review: Amaryllo iSensor HD Patio

Action to Action is a company based out of the UAE that focusses on innovative IT solutions. The company has brought the new Amaryllo iSensor HD Patio security camera to the market.

The iSensor HD Patio was designed and launched after Amaryllo’s team received requests for an outdoor version of the company’s very own iSensor HD. Enclosed in a weather resistant casing, the iSensor HD Patio is designed for outdoor use. It features a panning feature and advanced 256-bit encryption, and accompanies an 8GB micro SD card inside the box.


The iSensor HD Patio can record footage in HD up to 30 frames per second at 720p resolution. The camera itself packs in a 1-megapixel lens. The camera of the iSensor HD Patio offers a very good viewing angle of 240-degrees.

The camera can pan at 180-degrees, stream live footage and provide multiple options for storage. The iSensor HD Patio will deter intruders by using a high-powered flashlight and a high-pitched alarm that will activate when the motion or audio sensors are triggered.


In terms of power consumption, the device consumers just 1 amp/5 volts of power and hence, can be powered anywhere with just a portable battery bank. Amaryllo makes a smartphone app available for the device that lets you to store and choose up to four Wi-Fi routers that the device will automatically connect to, when in range.

The smartphone app also allows you to add additional viewers of the footage being recorded by the iSensor HD Patio. The app also lets you manage the cloud storage. In terms of build quality, the iSensor HD Patio offers a very good design. Setting up the device is quite intuitive. Performance was good under good lighting conditions.

The iSensor HD Patio does not offer IR night vision and that makes the night experience not so great. The camera is equipped with an LED light instead, which turns on if an event is detected. The LED light can also be left on 24/7 when the light sensor senses light is low.

It’s a good start for Amaryllo when it comes to security cameras. The iSensor HD patio is easy to set up, and offers good amount of built-in security features. The device is available at the Innovators store in Dubai Festival City, Dubai, UAE.

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