itcan Highlights Role of Digital Transformation

itcan has emphasised on the growing significance of digital transformation in the continuing efforts to increase profitability. The company has highlighted that the constant emergence of innovations across both e-commerce and m-commerce is slowly phasing out the use of traditional wallets–reducing the need to carry cash to complete purchase transactions across retail outlets. The growing preference towards digital payment formats can be attributed to several factors like easy to use e-commerce websites and apps, and express product delivery times urging retailers to sell more online.

Recent reports have showed that global online sales are expected to reach $48.8 billion by 2021 and will be driven by an increased use of technology and online searches by savvy customers. The rapid rise in internet penetration around the world is the prime driver of the e-commerce industry’s phenomenal rise, with advances in mobile internet technologies, smartphones, and broadband all serving to boost the uptake of internet-based services. itcan senior officials have noted on the retail channel’s continuous evolution in the form of e-commerce with a considerable shift from people purchasing on their computers to purchasing via mobile devices.

“The emergence of e-commerce and mobile app solutions has resulted in the development of new channels where innovation and creativity serve as key factors in reaching the target audience,” said Mansour Al Thani, CEO & Co-founder, itcan. “With technology on the rise, the possibilities for B2B and B2C businesses to engage with their potential prospects are endless. If you haven’t incorporated the digital trends in your strategic planning for 2018, now is the right time. By getting well-prepared beforehand and embracing changes early, you’ll be the first to reap the benefits of the new trends.”

The increased use of technology and online searches has helped businesses that aims to thrive via utilization of emerging digital-tune-ups to get ahead in the coming year. Optimizing the web content on all levels to index well in google searches, using the metrics on social media to strategically place the paid ads and landing pages to locate targeted customers ensures effective filtered reach and social proofing via reviews, testimonials and social shares are set to be the major trends in 2018.By understanding the brand and it’s intended audience, e-commerce companies, including itcan, create customized performance and digital marketing strategies that are relevant, innovative and unique–driving in an increase in online transaction activity and achievement of revenue goals.

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