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Enabling Practical Pattern Recognition Solutions

Arabian Reseller speaks to Dr. Prof. Pierre Brunswick, the CEO of Neuromem Technologies about AI market in the MEA region

Tell us about Neuromem Technologies. What products and solutions does it offer on the market?
NeuroMem Technologies is an AI technology company focused on the use and benefits of neuromorphic semiconductor chips to enable practical pattern recognition solutions. We truly believe that non-stop learning, and pattern recognition can become practical and ubiquitous only if it can rely on components inspired by the human brain (which we call neuromorphic memories), merging storage and local processing per cell, with massively parallel interconnected cells operating at low power.

What sort of AI market is present in the MEA region? Have companies started adopting such technologies?
There is a presence of all types of AI markets in the region. Today, there are still very few local businesses investing in developing AI-based solutions. If they want to stay competitive with multinationals that will bring AI-ready solutions they have developed elsewhere, the local businesses need to start investing in tools and collaborate with organisations like us that can help them develop Proof of Concept (POC) solutions based on their customised needs.

Since this region still does not have extensive manufacturing or enough research and development to ensure that our technology could be adapted for these sectors (yet) we need to empower local companies to adopt faster AI and we are one of the best technology enablers. We see a greater focus for AI development in security, smart city, smart nation, and better life for its citizens and residents.

We are encouraged to see that the local governments, especially in UAE and KSA, are pushing initiatives from the top down to boost and ensure regional governments and companies adapt new technology.

What applications can Neuromem’s technologies be used for?
We see a wide range of applications but for the hardware-based sector, we are focusing on its use in smart buildings, smart infrastructure, security, medical and related applications, drones, IoT and robotics – anywhere that uses sensors to collect information that needs to be secure and cost effective.

Which industry verticals do you currently focus upon?
Our focus is to help organisations develop AI solutions in the medical, security, lifestyle, and automotive, to name a few. Currently, we are working on several projects in the medical, smart office, IoT and security fields. We have also been collaborating with several drones vendors.

What sort of business and marketing strategies have you planned for 2018?
We are a technology enabler, so our role is to reach OEMs or integrators and explain our technology and how it could give them the edge over their competition. At the moment, we are still setting up a lot of POC projects across the world to develop and demonstrate the strength and security of our technology as well as its ability to collate information and identify anomalies in nanoseconds.

What milestones does the company want to achieve this year?
Our aim this year is to set up some local POC projects within the UAE and the region to help organisations realise the potential of AI in their business, especially those looking at security, smart building and smart city infrastructure, manufacturers using smart sensors for quality control etc. We are already in talks for several projects.

How are your solutions delivered to customers? Do you work directly with customers or through your channel partners?
We are working directly with large corporations who want to build the AI solutions themselves or with their partners if needed. We are helping them create POCs to find the most effective AI solution for their business needs.

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