Basel Holding to Develop Smart Solutions

Basel Holding has announced today that it had recently implemented new-generation self-service kiosks known as “Smart Tellers” in the UAE. The machines offer a wide range of public services such as vehicle registration renewal, fines enquiry and payments as well as replacing a lost or damaged driving license; procedures that would normally require a lot of time.

“We have been providing world-class solutions throughout the world, and we are very proud to have been involved in the delivery of a truly innovative solution to the residents of the UAE, in association with MLT,” states Burak Basel, CEO, Basel Holding. The “Smart Teller” kiosks are manufactured within the framework of JOVA UAE, a joint venture consisting of Basel Holding and Multi Level Technology (MLT), an Abu Dhabi-based full-service payment solutions provider.

“We expect to implement at least 1,000 Smart Tellers in the UAE alone over the next two years as the UAE is leading the way in the adoption of smart technology,” adds Basel. The “Smart Teller” kiosks are fully equipped with a passport/ID reader, document scanner, cheque scanner, fingerprint capturer, A4 printing capability, NFC (Near Field Communication), plate number sticker printer, an electronic signature feature and a drop-box for document submission.

The built-in ID and QR code readers enable a connection between the smart app and the kiosk so people can apply online and receive the services physically from the nearest kiosk without having to go to various government offices in person. That way, all public services that were previously only available over the counter are now being offered to people at their fingertips.

In practical terms, what this means, for instance, is that through the ‘Emirates Vehicle Gate’ (EVG) service people can now request an insurance quotation and pay for the insurance policy prior to vehicle renewal and registration. They can also receive services related to driver licensing and vehicles licensing, as well as parking services and other government services.

Designed to cater for the various nationalities living and working in the UAE, the user interface is currently available in four different languages – Arabic, English, Urdu and Malayalam – with plans to add additional languages soon. The kiosks accept credit and debit card payments, as well as cash payment in banknotes and coins. In addition, they are also user-friendly for people of determination.

The state-of-the-art kiosks are currently being set up at a wide range of locations throughout Dubai including the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) Headquarters, affiliated Customer Happiness Centers as well as some of the malls in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Al Dhafra. The aim is to gradually expand and consolidate all government services into one device to help save time, offer convenience and boost overall customer satisfaction.

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