The Global IoT Market Will Generate Revenues of $1352 Billion in 2018

According to Visiongain, the increasing popularity of Machine to Machine communication, big data, and cloud technologies; IoT applications are expanding rapidly across a wide range of industries. Industries such as consumer electronics, utilities, transportation, and healthcare, and are expected to generate revenues of $1,325 billion in the global IoT market in 2018. The study estimated that the Consumer electronics IoT segment will grow from $407.4 billion in 2018 to $1,945.9 billion in 2028, with a compound growth rate (CAGR) of 16.9% in 2018-2028.

TCA stated that in order to provide local and international buyers with rapid procurement of IoT + AI solutions, COMPUTEX will have the SmarTEX Special Exhibitions to cover six application areas: “AI & Big Data”, “Internet of Vehicles”, “Wearables & Sports Technology”, “Smart Home”, “Security Application” and “Smart Tech Solutions”. In the SmarTEX, including Gigabyte, Elan, Shuttle, SYSCOM Group, ITRI, Elite, MiTAC, Etron, HABOOK, EQL, Hui Jia, TTRI, Makalot, Starwing and other exhibitors will display various IoT +AI solutions to meet the needs of buyers in different fields and also providing customization according to the customers’ demands for customized design services.

Following the latest AI server requirements, Gigabyte will showcase their High-performance server products in COMPUTEX 2018. Their new products support NVIDIA Tesla V100 Accelerator with NVLINK. Allowing a much higher throughput compared to the previous generation and higher performance on a single server. The SYSCOM Group will exhibit their Ayuda robot as an answer to the future in the era of intelligent robot service. Ayuda has been implemented in intelligent policing, intelligent finance, smart medicine, intelligent education and other fields of application.

Due to the wide range of application of smart clothing and high unit price, Makalot industries will display smart clothing, able carry out ECG and EMG measurement, the results are expected to be more accurate than smartwatches and can be combined with sports management services. For AIoT development trends, MiTAC will exhibit the edge computing application, including smart machinery, data & data analysis applications, storage management and intermediary software services, as well as solutions such as smart library self-service borrowing and returning machines. Shuttle will also exhibit a face recognition system.

TCA said that in order to help overseas buyers quickly search for AIoT-related solutions, the SmarTEX Mircrosite has also been launched. Buyers can browse SmarTEX exhibitors and related products directly through their mobile phones to improve the efficiency of the exhibition.

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