Bringing XTOUCH Back on Track

Arabian Reseller speaks to Tim Chen, the Founder and Managing Director of XTOUCH, about their renewed company strategy

The company has been silent for quite some time now. What was the reason?
I think till 2016, the company grew at a phenomenal rate. Even the first half of 2017 was good. We, however, realised that if you start fighting for market share, if you start following your competitors, somewhere the customer gets lost.

Then, you are only competing on features, bigger battery life, bigger screens, and so on. This makes you forget your customers. So, we also fell into this trap. We were bringing in new products, we were selling products, but we lost our innovative touch, so to say.

And that’s why we regrouped and said we should get back to our core business and that is about delivering value to our customers.

How has the regrouping worked?
We have been able to reinvent our strategy. We will have a product range that fulfils every need out there on the market. However, we will also have some innovative products to differentiate ourselves. The new XTOUCH X is just the beginning.

We also mulled over serving our customers in a much better way. The business still goes on as before. However, we want to reinvent ourselves to face the future challenges.

Your sub-brand Innjoo is an online-only brand. You have now announced online ambitions for XTOUCH as well. How will that work out?
Innjoo was never e-commerce which we were doing directly. It was always through retail e-commerce partners in all the regions we are present in. Innjoo is more of a fun-loving, experimentation kind of a brand and it continues to move forward in its niche.

With XTOUCH, our strategy is to take the brand globally. XTOUCH becomes our mother brand, while Innjoo continues to do business in its own space. With XTOUCH, we are going directly with our online ambitions.

What is your company’s plan in terms of expansion?
We are currently present in about 25 countries and we wish to expand the footprint to 15 more countries. We are talking to our distribution partners and we wish to have our e-commerce presence in all countries we are present in.

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