Microsoft to Build the Future with Intelligent Cloud

Reporting from Taipei, Taiwan: The Microsoft Forum at Computex Taipei 2018 featured four keynote speakers to announce Microsoft’s new products, unveiling future strategies and discussing the benefits of their new products. Nick Parker, the Corporate Vice President of Consumer and Device Sales, made the opening speech. He said that Microsoft is bringing the industry together to build the intelligent cloud and intelligent edge, delivering new solutions and experiences that were previously not possible.

“For Microsoft, it is more than screens and devices. It is about creating services and experiences with technology that supports ambitions and aspirations,” he said. Parker was joined on stage by Roanne Sones, corporate vice president of platforms, who announced a new partner community for the intelligent edge, a new category of Windows 10 devices called Windows Collaboration Displays and a new offering with Windows 10 IoT Core Services.

“We invite all our partners to join our intelligent edge partner community. The community will help partners connect with one another to find opportunities for innovation and achieve business goals. Community members can participate in training and community events,” Sones said. Sones also explained the importance of security because “if a smart device is not secure, then it is not smart.”

She said that people are getting more connected than ever, no matter where they are. To counter security threats, Microsoft is teaming up with partners to provide devices that automatically update devices’ defence against hacking and cloning. These devices will offer multiple layers of security monitoring to protect users’ data and business secrets, she added.

Other Microsoft speakers introduced the Azure Sphere, which brings convenience into the home by helping people with a variety of tasks – be it helping students with homework, turning off the lights, keeping an office at the perfect temperature, or managing a calendar to make business appointments.

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