StorageCraft Introduces OneXafe

StorageCraft has announced OneXafe, a converged data platform that eliminates storage and data protection silos, blurs the lines between primary and secondary storage and scales out seamlessly to help manage explosive data growth. OneXafe delivers much-needed relief to the vast number of mid-sized and fast-growth organizations struggling with data management, data protection and the risk of downtime.

Designed specifically for mid-sized organizations, OneXafe is a converged scale-out storage and data protection platform for both physical and virtual environments. It delivers comprehensive storage and data protection services in a single, integrated and easy-to-use solution with seamless integration to DRaaS. Unlike Veeam and other software-only backup products, StorageCraft’s OneXafe provides a complete solution to data protection challenges by integrating primary, secondary and cloud data-management capabilities.

Eric Bodily, systems administrator for Idaho Falls School District, saw the benefits of OneXafe right away: “Our legacy backup system was buckling. It couldn’t keep up with the data growth and lacked VMware integration. We quickly disregarded Veeam and Rubrik as solutions because Veeam only solved half the problem while Rubrik was economically unviable. With StorageCraft’s OneXafe, we can scale data capacity with ease and at unprecedented economics, plus we have the VMware and Volume Shadow Service (VSS) integration we need. We now manage primary and secondary data in a single environment and our entire data infrastructure can be managed, protected and recovered in seconds.”

At the core of OneXafe is StorageCraft’s patented, distributed, object-based file system that is tightly integrated with powerful and flexible data protection services. The file system delivers universal file data access to users and applications. The data protection services with SLA-based policy-driven protection and management provides flexible, reliable and instant recovery. This convergence delivers powerful recovery and optimized work-flow for management simplicity.

“The data protection and recovery software market is expected to continue strong growth through 2021,” said Phil Goodwin, research director at IDC. “As businesses suffer the damage inflicted by downtime, they will increasingly embark on ‘the new race to zero’ – near zero RPO and RTO. StorageCraft’s OneXafe aims to shift the paradigm of traditional data protection by converging data platforms for primary and secondary storage while integrating data protection. It is a development worth watching closely.” 

The OneXafe platform comprises:

Powerful Data Protection: OneXafe delivers industry-leading recovery time objectives (RTOs) and recovery point objectives (RPOs) for premium data integrity and business continuity. The patented VirtualBoot feature in OneXafe recovers even terabyte-sized virtual machines in less than a second. It protects applications in both virtual and physical environments within a single workflow and supports a variety of deployments—on-premises, remote data center or cloud-based DRaaS.

One-Click DRaaS Orchestration: OneXafe data protection policies can replicate to StorageCraft Cloud Services and enable organizations to achieve total business continuity. Organizations can recover data, compute and network services all in an orchestrated recovery workflow with a single click. 

Scale-out Storage On-the-Fly: OneXafe enables organizations to scale-out storage dynamically as requirements change over time. They can begin with a single node with a few terabytes of capacity, then seamlessly and non-disruptively scale to multiple petabytes with zero configuration or application changes and thereby eliminate the need for forklift upgrades. Additionally, organizations benefit from OneXafe’s in-line variable-length deduplication and compression, which dramatically reduce data footprint and costs.

Seamless Administration: OneXafe is seamlessly managed by StorageCraft OneSystem, a highly scalable management platform which eliminates operational complexity. OneSystem continuously monitors the health and status of the OneXafe platform and data environment, including real-time hardware, software and network connectivity updates. It provides a global view of an organization’s storage infrastructure, including reporting and trending of storage capacity, data reduction ratios, remote replication, SLA-based data protection policies and recovery point objectives. The entire protection lifecycle – from specifying protection requirements to ongoing management and compliance assessment – is done through policies in OneSystem.

With this launch, StorageCraft introduces three OneXafe converged models that include:

Capacity-Optimized OneXafe 4412 and 4417: Scale-out infrastructure for unstructured data, archival and video repositories along with converged data protection. OneXafe 4412 and 4417 start at less than US$16,520.

All Flash OneXafe 5410: Scale-out infrastructure for server virtualization, VDI, high-performance unstructured data applications and converged data protection for instant application recovery. OneXafe 5410 starts at less than US$35,400.

Said Florian Malecki, International Product Marketing Manager at StorageCraft: “Mid-sized organizations are drowning in data while their legacy infrastructures are crumbling. Until now, they had the option of buying data storage and protection solutions piecemeal, while vendors expected these already resource-strapped organizations to be their own system integrator.” Brockett continued, “Their alternative was to buy limited ‘secondary only’ data platforms priced for large enterprises from vendors such as Rubrik and Cohesity, which all too often left them with complexity and high cost of ownership. For the first time ever, there is an alternative. OneXafe puts an end to vendor silos and protected markets. We deliver primary and secondary storage with integrated data protection in a single converged platform. With this, we have effectively eradicated the risk of downtime.”

OneXafe will be available exclusively through StorageCraft’s network of authorized resellers and distributors.

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