Channel Partner Training Programs Are Key in Bolstering Business Development Skills

Mazen Dohaji, the Senior Regional Director for Middle East, Turkey and Africa at in, speaks to Arabian Reseller about the importance of channel partner training programs

What is the importance of channel partner training programs?
The channel is very important for LogRhythm’s business model. Over the years, we have developed a robust channel partner program that is designed to identify and reward our top performing partners with greater sales, marketing, and technical resources. LogRhythm’s channel partner program, the “Thrive Partner Program”, is focused on ensuring that working with LogRhythm is simple and rewarding for our partners.

We offer a broad range of sales and technical training courses and certifications on our technologies and products. These prepare our partners for success in selling and deploying LogRhythm products and delivering other value-added security services. Our training ranges from high-level features, positioning and benefits to deep-dive technical certification. Online and classroom pre-sales training is provided free of charge for our partners and can be accessed via the LogRhythm Thrive Partner Portal.

We have three levels of training and certification. The most basic is the 100 Level Basic LogRhythm Product Training, which offers online modules that provide an introduction to LogRhythm and its key features and differentiators. Next, there is the 200 Level Courses, which are focused on pre-sales engineering and provides training on demonstrating, scoping and architecting a LogRhythm Solution. Finally, the 300 Level Courses are designed for partners responsible for post-sales, hands-on administration, daily use, and consulting services personnel.

We place a high level of importance in continually developing our partner training programs to meet the ever-changing cyber threat landscape. Our mission is to make sure that our partners have the skills and vision to build robust security intelligence solutions for customers in the market.

What advantages can certified channel partners enjoy?
LogRhythm invests in partners who represent our award-winning Security Intelligence solutions and jointly engage in opportunities that drive value and profitability. We will continue to enhance our partner program, and provide go-to-market tools and sales programs to help our partners stay ahead of the competition.

Channel partners that join our ’Thrive Partner Program’ will avail many benefits, including discounts and rebates, as well as spiffs, incentives and rewards for individual sales reps, sales engineers and sales architects for closed deals. Partners can earn incentives from their very first sale and there is no cap on earnings.

We also support our partners in the market through co-marketing, campaigns, and events. LogRhythm offers a variety of marketing resources and funds to help partners generate new LogRhythm sales opportunities.

According to you, is there a talent shortage? If yes, how can channel training programs address that?
There is a global shortage in technology skills, especially in the cyber arena. It is in our interest that talent in the Middle East region is nurtured to be able to fill the talent gap. As practitioners in the field, we and our channel partners are addressing the issue everyday by extending training programs that aim to bolster both technical and business development skills.

How can channel partner training instill long-term business growth and generate revenue for firms?
The objective of our ‘Thrive Partner Program’ is to help our partners increase their LogRhythm revenue while driving their costs of doing business with LogRhythm down. We do this by rewarding partners who invest the time to learn LogRhythm technologies and actively engage in developing and closing new and existing customer opportunities. We enable them with the knowledge, resources and incentives to reduce their costs and drive increased profitability to successfully sell the LogRhythm industry-leading Security Intelligence solutions.

How can vendors and channel partners ensure that the skills development agenda is on top of the list and is continually allowed to evolve?
Our channel partners must continually evolve to keep up with our dynamic industry; this is a fundamental aspect of the business. Technology and skillsets need to be constantly evolving to meet new and future cyber threats, and we are committed to helping our partners succeed in doing this.

At LogRhythm we believe our partners should have access to training to ensure they always have up-to-date, polished skills. LogRhythm University provides in-depth product training for customers seeking a learning path for their security administrators and analysts. Our instructor-led offerings are available in-person at any one of the LogRhythm global training facilities, virtually, or at customer sites.

LogRhythm provides extensive training for both administrators and security analysts who use the LogRhythm suite of tools. Whether they are responsible for the system administration and upkeep, or if they are a user of the system, LogRhythm provides in-depth learning paths just for them.

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